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Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story by D.T. Max
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Nov 27, 12

D.T. Max is maybe not a complex enough writer to portray David Foster Wallace accurately, but as both of them are so far above me on the scale I guess it's a moot point for now. Some people make my brian feel stretched in such an awesome way, and DFW is definitely one of them. His life is inspiring or something to me because if he could leave behind so much humanity and profound unalone-ness in the wake of all that intense psychic suffering, what excuse do I or anyone else have for not creating great stuff? That being said I don't worship the guy as much as D.T. Max does. Jonathan Franzen wrote this essay about Robinson Crusoe and some other stuff that I think paints a more honest portrait, or at least gives another point of view, and maybe a closer, more real one. I think it's important not to turn him into a statue. His solipsism and battles with insincerity and stuff are such a huge part of what makes him great, to me. Either way I'll admit any day that I have so much love for DFW, so I'm left just feeling profoundly grateful to the biographer for creating such an affecting story. Reading this book will make you want to go back and reread every word he ever wrote.

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