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Spook Country by William Gibson
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Aug 16, 2007

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Recommended for: Pattern Recognition fans, no one else
Read in August, 2007

Every author should only write one great book. all others should be burned. and i will be the arbiter of what single work is that authors most outstanding work. Otherwise, authors who introduce a new genera should be made to never write in that style again, as their contributions to society via the introduction of a genera far outweigh their ability to pile prose together in anything other then episodic poppycock.

at some point in the recent past, gibson decided that the life of the slightly eccentric artist/professional was interesting enough to justify a whole series of books (yes, more are coming.)

The plot tolls out like this. Artist is in the throws of some mid life crisis. No longer satisfied by her past works, looking for more, she receives a job she cant refuse from the mysterious Hubertus Bigend. In the guise of some legitimate business venture Hubertus cons the young lady into revealing the seedy underbelly of some underground art movement. The juxtaposition of the artist novice detective skills combined with Bigends titanic wealth make for some interesting adventures till the climactic ending that, both times, i couldn't see coming.

The appeal of the gibson book comes two fold. One, he draws from contemporary technology (macbooks) and the recent past (vr5) to paint a near future that is both accessible and steeped in nostalgia. Secondly, he extrapolates from the technology, ways people might actually interact. With gibsons breakthrough Nuromancer we found the gap between real life and fiction a void un-spannable in our lifetimes. But with spook country, the jump from future-present and now is seemingly across the next horizon.

If your into this sort of thing, then by all means add this to your "to read" list.
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