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Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol
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Feb 15, 09

I can't believe I didn't know about this book until recently. It opened my eyes to an education system that I already knew existed but didn't know how bad it was. Kozol looks at several different school districts across the country, poor and rich alike, and explores how there are gross inequities in our public education system. Poor cities and schools have decrepit facilities, outdated books, and less than stellar teachers while rich cities and schools have educational resources fit for the King's Court. My one objection to Kozol though is he is quick to dismiss certain avenues of discussion in the education debate in order to fit the problem into his framework of rish vs. poor. For example, he is quick to disparage the growing use of corporate sponsorship for inner city schools because he argues that it is a P.R. stunt at the expense of a desperate school (which I agree with him partly) but then doesn't consider the fact that other non-corporate programs do the same thing (like TFA - how many of those teachers really stay and how many use the program for a resume line - isn't that the same as corporate sponsorship?)

All in all though, a really good book.

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