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Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King
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Jun 24, 09

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Although many readers of this series liked this volume the least, I found it to be the most moving and exciting of them all. It appears to be a departure from the path of the Beam but in truth it is just another part of the journey of the Ka-Tet and very much on the path to the Dark Tower, bringing them closer. It is well tied in to all the past books, and it is in this book that we meet Father Callahan, from Salem's Lot. It was while reading this book that I completely fell in love with the characters.

When I read this the tears started and I was covered in chills. Roland, The Gunslinger: "For Gilead and the Calla!" he roared. "Now, gunslingers! Now, you Sisters of Oriza! Now, now! Kill them! No Quarter! Kill them all!"
If you have read this book, you know what I mean!
I am going to buy the audio version of this book just so that I can listen to it in my car. AWESOME book!
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Troy You mention Father Callahan was from The Shining. Just a quick fix, he was from Jerusalem's Lot, aka Salems Lot.

Fanny Troy wrote: "You mention Father Callahan was from The Shining. Just a quick fix, he was from Jerusalem's Lot, aka Salems Lot.

Wow! Thanks for pointing that out I will correct it :o) Can't believe I made such a mistake haha!

Jaime One of my faves in the series, as well. I got chills just reading your quote from it!

message 4: by Willie (new) - added it

Willie Your quote of what Roland said before the battle is my favorite part of the entire series.

Yes it still gives me goosebumps just by thinking of that scene.

Good to meet someone who enjoys this book as much as I do.

message 5: by Fanny (last edited Mar 12, 2011 09:57AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fanny I keep meaning to update this! You're right Troy, Father Callahan first appears in Salem's Lot, but is also in Wolves of the Calla which I bet you know but in any case, here is a quote from Wikipedia that explains his reappearance briefly (well sorta lol):
Callahan refers to them as 'mosquitoes'. After Lupe is infected by a Type Three vampire and dies from AIDS, Callahan begins to kill vampires (mostly Type Threes). This attracts the attention of the Crimson King and his soldiers, the Low Men or "can-toi". The Hitler Brothers, two hoodlums who murder Jews, black people and homosexuals and carve swastikas on their victim's foreheads, are hired to find Callahan. They torture Rowan Magruder, who later dies of his wounds, in hopes of finding him.
They later find and attack Callahan, and carve a cross on his forehead, intending it to become a swastika. But before they can finish the swastika, Callahan is rescued by Calvin Tower and Aaron Deepneau, two men who figure prominently later in Roland's quest. The Hitler Brothers flee, and are later killed by the Low Men. Callahan is later lured into a building by Richard Sayre, a Low Man, and several vampires. Rather than being infected, he jumps out a window committing suicide.
After his death, he wakes up in the Way Station, where he encounters Walter o'Dim who gives him Black Thirteen, one of the "Bends" in the Wizard's Rainbow. Walter apparently does so in the hopes that it will kill Roland Deschain later in his journey. It transports him to the Doorway Cave outside Calla Bryn Sturgis, where he leads a new life and over the next five years attempts to teach the locals his religion.
Every time I come here it reminds me how much I want to read the entire series again. I have the audio book somewhere too..... I love seeing more fans of this book!!

dawna that quote always gives me chills and makes me cry too. I dont know why it has always struck me so, maybe because when roland is doing what he was made to do he becomes so very clear.

Troy Great info there! Thanks for sharing

Jason I agree completely with you! My favourite book in the series so far!

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