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The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman
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Mar 02, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: 2009, crime, english, male-writers
Read in February, 2009

Pre-reading note: Recommended to me while I was traveling Utah and Arizona last year.

Post-reading review:

My first complaint about this book would be the print. It's too big. Yep, I know, it seems weird to complain about the fontsize being too big, but what can I say, I'm a fast reader, and with letters this big there just isn't enough information on the page. It takes longer to read.
Of course, the size of the font isn't really the authors fault.

My second complaint isn't the authors fault either. "Wailing Wind" is a detective story. Probably a good one, but I leave that judgement to people who are interested in detective stories. Which, as I - again - realized - I am not, unless they have to do with talking cats or Temperance Brennan. My affair with detective stories is indeed a shallow one. Anyway, I found it rather boring - girl finds dead guy, detective investigates, other detective does things, too, girl almost gets shot (oh noes!), detective realizes he is in love with her (huh? how did that happen?), other detetive asks many questions and then some.

It was boring.

Of course, judging by the fontsize it is written for people about twice my age, and maybe they don't take all that excitment too well anymore. Maybe they even find the revelation about the guy falling for the girl cute, while I, oldfashioned gal that I am, firmly believe that feelings should be shown, not talked about. But that could be said for many things in this book.

Nope, not reading another one of this series anytime soon.
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Jennifer Sounds like you are more of the romance type, then?

Regarding the type font, I'm guessing that it's the edition/publisher that made the type font larger, so if you were interested in continuing to read Tony Hillerman's works (which it sounds like you aren't), I'd have suggested looking for a different edition or publisher.

On another note, have you checked out the cat mysteries that are out there? I know that sounds vague (and it is) but I can't remember the name of the author -- maybe Brown? -- so that's the best I can do right now. I had a librarian friend who loved them. If I come across the name or the series, I can let you know.

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