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La villa du cap d'Antibes by Michel Brice
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Feb 21, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: french, no-redeeming-social-importance, too-sexy-for-maiden-aunts, trash, brigade-mondaine, older-men-younger-women
Read in January, 2001

Jordan complained that Choupette's review was in French, so she still didn't know what this book was about. Here's most of what I can remember...

Another sublimely ridiculous story in the Brigade Mondaine series (see Le Monstre d'Orgeval for general background). The book opens with the down-on-her luck chick accepting a pretty dubious offer to star in an erotic movie. More, I think, by misfortune than by design, she ends up getting herself killed during filming. The director now has a snuff movie on his hands, not to mention a fresh corpse. He dumps the body somewhere in the mountains... if I recall correctly, in a glacier, but then how could it be found just a few months later? In Ian Fleming's short story Octopussy, where a similar trick is used, the stiff doesn't surface again for 15 years. Well, the important thing with Brigade Mondaine is not to fixate on the details. Probably global warming is to blame, or something like that.

Boris and Mémé somehow connect the corpse and the snuff movie, and get to work. The movie's decor looks strangely familiar, but they can't place it... until, breakthrough! Mémé's twin daughters are huge fans of a TV series which features a lot of attractive young teenagers hanging around in the South of France. The movie appears to have been made on one of the sets used in the TV series! So Boris has to go and interview a bunch of hot young teenage starlets, with the usual consequences. Just in case anyone feels queasy about him having sex with girls who are half his age and barely legal, I believe a couple of them virtually rape him... it was all their idea, you see, so that's alright then.

There's another twist later on. But wild horses, or hordes of bikini-clad teenage nymphomaniacs, could not persuade me to reveal what it is!

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message 1: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Manny,
Where is my review? From the cover, I can tell its one of your real french erotica winners again! : )

message 2: by Manny (last edited Feb 13, 2009 03:12PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Manny Hey, just during the last three days I've reviewed Aventurières du trophée perdu, La Mante religieuse and Vox! Not only that, I've sent my copy of La Villa du Cap d'Antibes to Choupette (it's part of a complicated trade deal to redistribute French trash surpluses between the Northern and Southern hemispheres). So this particular book is really HER responsibility now.

But fear not, I've still got unreviewed Brigade Mondaine on my bookshelf... I will post more soon :)

message 3: by C. (new) - rated it 3 stars

C. Wait, if it's a trade deal that means I have to think of something to send you in return! There must be some sort of trash that's indigenous to the southern hemisphere... ever read any Banjo Patterson?

message 4: by C. (new) - rated it 3 stars

C. On second thoughts that's not really trash. Hmm.

message 5: by C. (new) - rated it 3 stars

C. I've got it! Bryce Courtenay. Ever read any?

Manny I hadn't even HEARD of Bryce Courtenay. I know, I know, how could anyone be that ignorant? I hang my head in shame. Well, I see that you have reviewed several of his books... I do confess to feeling slightly curious. If you'd like to send me one, that would be very kind!

message 7: by C. (new) - rated it 3 stars

C. Well, I have to get some of his books off my hands. It's positively embarrassing.

Manny Ah, I see that our motives are pleasingly symmetrical :)

message 9: by C. (new) - rated it 3 stars


message 10: by Manny (last edited Feb 21, 2009 12:13PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Manny Oh... how COULD I have done that!? Um... I don't think I revealed anything much past chapter 3 or so. And the final twist, I promise you, is WELL worth the wait! Maybe :)

message 11: by Mariel (new)

Mariel With Strauss Kahn in the news this review is quite relevant.

Manny They like to include topical stories - Les aventurières du trophée perdu is a particularly flagrant example. I wouldn't put it past them to write a book using a thinly disguised version of Strauss-Kahn.

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