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Nov 23, 2012

did not like it

This is a marketing scheme and I will tell you why below:

Dr. Wallach is a fraud and goes off the deep end after he basically denounced the entire medical industry as rich fat cats who do what they want for profit and nothing else. Maybe he’s jealous because if he was a real doctor he wouldn’t be denouncing his industry after spending 20+ years living in poverty and studying to become one! Doctors go through ten years of medical schooling and spend 3-8 years in an apprenticeship barely making enough to get by. Then they have to establish themselves in their field which may take longer. Although these rally cries against “big medicine,” I guess is what the conspiracy theorists would call it makes his other point sound good. That doctors on average live to be 58 years old, which ties into his book title, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” (Especially when they are being linked to statements that they never said. They can’t defend themselves when dead). Anyway, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, American physicians live an average of 69.7 years. According to American Medical Association Center for Health Care Policy (AMA) the life expectancy of physicians is somewhere between 75 and 88 years, depending on the age and gender one chooses. They also enjoy longer lifespans than the general public. So the title of his book, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,” and the selling point is a lie and a fraud! We haven’t even hit the meat of his claims yet.

Since I do not know much about the medical industry or biology I didn’t go into his more advanced medical claims, since I don’t have time to research all of them formally and they are probably as questionable as his other claims are. I picked the most outrageous claims and specific talking points that didn’t seem quite right to me. However, the fact that the mineral supplements may or may not work is circumstantial at best. I agree that mineral supplements may work if given the right amount of mixtures and symptoms. Especially since the entire selling point of these new age-y feel good schemes is supposed to make you feel good.

However, that doesn’t mean I agree with him on every single unfounded conspiracy theory and you shouldn’t either. A true logical person would look at all his information, research it with the proper sources, and look again at how he introduces this stuff to the public. It appears many didn’t do this and are just trying your best to defend his fraudulent activities. He has concocted a global online marketing scheme perpetrated on conspiracy-prone websites like and is a sponsor for Alex Jones. The folks you associate with can say a lot about your character. He reminded me very much of Al Gore.

If you dig a little deeper into his fraudulent activities you will see that he is being looked at by the National Council Against Health Fraud. They have found his tapes and presentations are riddled with distortions, bogus science, and outright lies! However, since his devoted followers are very good at defending their man and are paid to do so. They have many websites trying laughably to discredit the people who are trying to bring this fraud into the public spotlight!!! For instance a simple Google search of, “Is Youngevity a scam,” yields hundreds of thousands of positive results, yet, these results are all the same poorly defended claims! They don’t even try to change it up. It’s blatant copy-pasta.

He talks about these so-called long-lived cultures in ancient times, when in fact the average lifespan for ancient mankind in Roman Times was 40 years old. Women were often killed in Child Birth and men in war. Babies were also killed as sacrifices to many gods in many cultures. The Ancient Mayans did live on average to be 63 years old but in France around 600 AD (the same time period) the life expectancy was 27. Likewise the ancient Egyptians who also dabbled in natural medicine and immortality only had a life expectancy of around 30-35 years. So since Dr. Wallach doesn’t even clarify which cultures he is talking about, that is another red flag raised.

An unfounded claim he makes is that the people who live to be a hundred (Whoever they may be) drink 40 cups of tea every day and put rock salt and two pats of butter in each cup. I would love to see his research on the subject. Maybe a peer reviewed paper in some medical journal? It’s not hard to do. The fact that Dr. Wallach is selling this false information when real doctors, you know the ones who say to reduce salt and butter intake and live to be 58 years old is particularly troubling.

Since as I have mentioned before real doctors don’t sell their work and it seems he is also saying that doctors are trying to kill you by specifically telling you to keep these things out of your diet, just because they are dying younger. This is of course based on the premise that all of Dr. Wallach’s claims are true. Which I hope you are beginning to realize is wrong!

Now, there is another claim that he makes that he has been a Nobel Prize Nominee for medicine in 1991. Many people have been Nobel Prize Nominees, including Adolf Hitler! This sound bite works well for a marketing scheme but means literally nothing in the real world of medicine since anyone can be nominated and it also appears anyone can win the prize itself. Yet since the nominee list is kept secret for fifty years. One can never know for certain if one is nominated. If the Nobel Prize Nominating Committee had any credibility at all, it was destroyed in 2009 when President Obama won the once coveted award based on his first twelve days in office… As with Obama I would like to know why Wallach was nominated. He claims that it was for "his stunning discoveries in the prevention of cystic fibrosis." Yet, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is oddly unaware of his findings.

Another claim about his autopsies is troubling because Naturopaths and Veterinarians are not allowed or trained to do autopsies on humans. So how did he do over 3,000 of them? The fact that he is a Veterinarian and not a licensed Medical Doctor or even a chiropractor is troubling as well, because I would NOT NOT NOT take medical advice from one, unless it was for my pets!

He also states that 50% of 70 year olds have Alzheimer's disease. When the real fact is that 30-50% of 85 year olds have Alzheimer's disease and around 4% of 70 years have the disease. Again he is twisting actual medical facts that can be easily looked up.

He claims again that these ancient non-existent cultures that live up to 120 years old use butter instead of olive oil. Even though, olive oil is a lot healthier for you and you should only use butter in moderation. As most doctors will tell you this if you ever ask them about going on a diet. Olive Oil is good for your heart while butter is high in cholesterol and Trans fat which is why we have things like low-fat and I can’t believe it’s Not Butter on the shelves at Wal-Mart. Oh but these doctors all must be wrong and it must be a global butter conspiracy!

He goes on another rant about how doctors use unnecessary MRIs as a way to get rich. He claims that doctors receive $1000 every time they order an MRI even though the average cost of the MRI is $1000. How about the people who are actually trained to run it? What about the expenses for running the machine? Not to mention the fact that it is illegal for doctors to get paid for sending a patient for studies. They only get paid for consultations and the surgery! This is called a kickback and is again illegal.

The FDA is considering banning these products. They apparently are already illegal in Europe. The use of testimonials to support supplement products is illegal. This is why you never see someone shouting for joy that various medical treatments saved their lives and doctors don’t advertise the procedures for a marketing gimmick. Actually you do see some people going on TV and talking about a new treatment that saved their lives, but I’ve only seen this in cases that were extremely difficult or brand new. Like for instance when the doctor completes a surgery half way around the world using a robot in his home office! Now, that’s a miracle. People go to doctors based on reputation and their record and if you look hard enough you will see that Dr. Wallach has a very questionable record.
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Anita Williamson Thanks for taking the time to review this book.

message 2: by Ingrid (new) - added it

Ingrid Willard One thing for sure, doctors don't know a thing about nutrition

message 3: by Ingrid (new) - added it

Ingrid Willard What are people going to do? Go see the doctor, the only thing a doctor can do is prescribe, medicines of "modern medicine" are even worse in secondary effects than the desease, there are many answers not found at the doctors office.
I found all of my answers to recover my health after doctors told me I was just depressed and wanted to put me in antideprersants, I said, noooo I don't feel depressed I feel really sick, then I began drinking reverse osmosis water, stayed away rom gluten and starches and began a dark greens diet and grass fed beef, vuala! I was able to walk and live life again

message 4: by Ingrid (new) - added it

Ingrid Willard find out what kinds of foods are being poisoned in america through pesticides, find out the side effects of gluten in your body,what causes in children, how gluten has been genetically modified and the tremendous impact in your adn as gmo gluten has the ability to alter your dna, this doctor is not a fraud.
find out about America and how America is poisoning the food and water we drink just for the big bucks, and how American population thinks packed food is real food, find out and you will understand

message 5: by Ingrid (new) - added it

Ingrid Willard correction dna instead of adn which is same thing but in Spanish sorry

message 6: by John (new) - rated it 1 star

John Ingrid did you even read my review?? I debunked most of what you already said!

message 7: by Ted (new)

Ted Steier I thought Dr. Wallachian was first a Veterinarian and the studied to become a Medical Doctor and is a real doctor!

Joseph @John - You obviously did NOT read the book... if you did you would have discovered the NIH fired Dr Wallach for his findings for the cause prevention and cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Do you have any idea how much MONEY is in the CF industry? Try Cancer? It's a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry. The reason why (period end of story) the medical industry and people like you are attempting to "debunk" Dr Wallach in his findings is because THERE IS NO F****ING MONEY IN FINDING CURES!!! How much money is in the Cystic Fibrosis industry? Hundreds of millions... How much in the Cancer industry? BILLIONS... How much in the Selenium industry??? ZERO! Why? YOU CAN'T PATENT SELENIUM. Oh wait.. I'm sorry. You know more than everyone about this subject. My bad. You're right. Tell you what... you be right, I'll be healthy!

AnHeC the Paperback Obliterator Oh boy... Where do I start?

I guess that with this: you should always doubt. Critical thinking is the key. It's good. Is Wallach right about all of this? I have no idea, but I think it's at least interesting.

1. He IS a doctor (as far as I know). He first became a veterinarian and then went to a med school. I'm not certain though.

2. Autopsies... How? I can imagine it quite easily - Africa! A wonderful place where shit like that can go on. I can also imagine he didn't do the autopsies (I mean, seriously, you need some skill for that...) but maybe assisted in them or just had access to results.

This is actually a valid point that certainly needs clarification.

3. Noble prize - I agree. I don't care about it. It means nothing.

4. Ancient cultures. Now, here you said some really stupid shit. Think about it. What does the man claim? That a proper diet would make us healthier and live longer. Now think about Europe. Think about Rome. Was their diet healthy? Nope. Poor were limited in their choice and rich overate meat and fatty things. Many big cultures with significant social stratification (very uneven wealth distribution) were like that. Not good examples.

We'd have to look at cultures that ate both meat and plants, and weren't so terribly divided into rich and poor. You have to find the ones that meat the criteria.

What culture would that be? Dunno. Some Indian tribes maybe? I don't even know where to look, so I can't verify his claim. But I'm not stupid enough to pull an irrelevant example out of my ass. So I can't say if he's right or wrong.

Also, while measuring this, it's important to only look at people that died what we'd call 'natural death'. Not victims of war, famine, murders, childbirth... and so on. An average length of life when you take those into account tells you NOTHING about the influence of the lifestyle on the longevity.

Same goes for life span of doctors, where you could argue that they have better access to healthcare. Not to mention how fucked up American system is, how many normal citizens are not insured, can't afford treatments, and so on... I'm not saying he is right, but rather that there are many variables and it's a difficult thing to measure. You'd have to state very clearly what do you take into account. (Trust me, I know statistics, it's very easy to manipulate them. Study it for a while. I had a whole year at my uni, 3 classes a week, on statistics. I've learned not to trust ANYONE.)

5. Funny thing about cholesterol. This thing you've said is soooo bad. Actually, it isn't. My father once read somewhere that veins are 'patched up' by an organism using vitamin C. If it's not there, cholesterol is used for that. It it's not there, calcium will be used.

My granny had high cholesterol levels. Doctor gave her tablets to lower it. My dad said 'take vitamin C or your veins will calcify'. She didn't. And that's exactly what happened. Would vitamin C prevent it? I have no idea. But it's worth trying out. I mean, hey, it's soluble in water, your body can deal with it.

6. You'd be shocked if you knew what you eat. What they sell in shops can hardly be considered 'food'. I advise you to read up on it. Scary shit.

Why should we doubt doctors:

- Medicine doesn't have all the answers. It changes. All things were once controversial. Read about Semmelweis. Before germ theory was confirmed he preached the importance of hygiene. Of washing your hands before you (for example) assist a woman giving birth. He was ridiculed throughout his life. Died in poverty, beaten to death by a warden in a psychiatric hospital. Despite the fact that he was right, that he had better results, that HIS METHODS WORKED, other doctors didn't want to even consider they could be wrong. That they could be harming their patients.

Medicine changes. Don't be stupid enough to think doctors have it all figured out.

- Doctors and pharmaceutical concerns DON'T WANT TO CURE YOU! It's not in their best interest. What would happen if we cured cancer? Such a huge profit!

It's just human nature. We're assholes. Deal with it.

- Doctor's can be wrong. As in: misinformed, unqualified, stupid... Some are just idiots that cheated in med school. Some have rich and influential families. In this field it's not about being good. It's more about knowing the right people. Just like with lawyers.

- PATENTS. Or rather MONEY. Companies are only interested in things they can patent and sell to you. Only in profit. You being healthy is NOT their goal. NOT their priority. They want to manage your state, but so that you have to stay on meds. And they want exclusivity.

- FDA is a bunch of rich, selfish pricks. They care very little about you AND can be wrong.

Do I believe the guy? NO! I don't. I'd have to do more research. However, I do know that the food we eat is no good and that doctors ARE often negligent or just simply wrong. Wallach rises interesting questions.

I find your blind belief in modern medicine disturbing.

message 10: by Yaya (new)

Yaya Sorensen 6 years ago I went into my doctors with what I thought to be vitamin d deficiency. He said my symptoms didn't match and for the next 5 years I suffered horribly was diagnosed with 7 different diseases and placed on no less than 14 drugs. I saw many specialists and racked up $137,000 worth of bills. Then my hair fell out and my doctor decided to run a vitamin d test. All I can say is what a bunch of dumb asses. After being on high doses of d for a year, and a multi-mineral I am symptom free. So go take you skepticism some place else.

message 11: by John (last edited Feb 24, 2014 04:42PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

John AnHeC the Slytherin Paperback Obliterator wrote: "Oh boy... Where do I start?

I guess that with this: you should always doubt. Critical thinking is the key. It's good. Is Wallach right about all of this? I have no idea, but I think it's at least ..."

So I should trust you and your doubts rather than established medical practices and actual doctors that actually went to medical school for years to study medical diseases and cures (not some random place in Africa which you probably just made up).

I find your lack of knowledge of what doctors actually do and how the medical industry actually works highly disturbing. But it is a free country so feel free to ingest your body with useless "vitamin C" (if it can be called that) formula sold by snake oil salesman.

message 12: by Kathy (last edited Mar 08, 2014 02:23PM) (new)

Kathy People will believe what they want to believe regardless of facts. Why else do so many people believe vaccines cause autism? One fraudulent study on vaccines and autism by a discredited "doctor"(Andrew Wakefield) which was then perpetuated by a former Playboy model (Jenny McCarthy) has led to the unnecessary deaths of infants from pertussis. Despite evidence that Wakefield deliberately falsified his results, this myth continues to affect public health. I appreciate your efforts in attempting to debunk this quack, but unfortunately, the close-minded masses don't care. They jump on whatever bandwagon happens by and believe the most outrageous claims even when there are no scientific studies to back them up. It is sad that scientific critical thinking no longer seems to be valued or taught in schools.

And to AnHeC the Slytherin Paperback Obliterator, I find your blind belief in quackery disturbing.

message 13: by Ashleigh (new)

Ashleigh I wish people would stop looking for miracles to achieve good health. Good health comes from leading a healthy lifestyle and the rest of it we have only limited control over. Doctors cannot know everything as hard as we may try, the best person to go to for advice about nutrition is probably a dietician that is what we call a multidisciplinary approach. Anyway, I think it is really disgusting the way this man is practically trashing a profession as respected as medicine with his false claims. Worst of all is that people buy into this rubbish so easily.
Kathy you are right in saying that people need to be more critical and most importantly take responsibility for their own health. If you're not happy with the treatment you've received then speak up or get a second opinion but don't trash all doctors just because you've had one bad experience.

message 14: by Will (new)

Will Molinar Dr. Wallach understands the human body better than most and is right to trash DRUG PUSHING MDs who only know drugs and surgery.

message 15: by Francisco (new) - added it

Francisco Medical doctors don't want to heal you, they want to make you FEEL better by the use of synthetic drugs to cover the symptom. If they heal you they don't make money, and they don't make money by prescribing natural medications-vitamins, minerals, etc. They only make money with man made drugs.

message 16: by John (new) - rated it 1 star

John Ashleigh wrote: "I wish people would stop looking for miracles to achieve good health. Good health comes from leading a healthy lifestyle and the rest of it we have only limited control over. Doctors cannot know ev..."

Apparently the commentators on this review are not listening to us...

message 17: by Dixie (new)

Dixie Sedgwick Dr. Wallach should be a national hero, instead he's pushed to the back of the bus by mainstream trying to blackball and silence him. He's nothing short of a genius, my life and health has completely turned about, thanks to Dr. Wallach. The proof is in the pudding.

message 18: by Donna (new)

Donna I had an experience similar to Yaya's. Only I didn't follow the doctors advice, &saved myself a lot of money & probably prevented him from causing me to be dependent on a load of meds for the rest of my life. Oxalate kidney stones, the problem. His solution diuretics. Mine, vitamin b6 & magnesium. That was the band aid that saved me until I figured out the underlying cause, insulin resistance (which my doctor still pop pops. When insulin levels are high, b6 & mg are leeched out of the body through kidneys. How did I lower my insulin levels? Doing something else the medical community does not like - low carb/high fat diet reversed the trend toward diabetes. Dr. Atkins was right. And knowing that, IM at least considering Dr. Walleyes ideas. one thing I know for sure. His minerals can't harm me as much as pharmaceuticals can, even if he is wrong. And who knows? His suggestions of selenium & vanadium might get me back to a more inclusive diet. But for now, Im sticking with what worked for me.

message 19: by Donna (new)

Donna love what spell did to Dr. Wallach's name!

message 20: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Kalish As a md-phd candidate with degrees in neuroscience and comparative literatute as well time spent at the NIH and other private institutions conducting research, my conclusion is Wallach is the real deal. He is NOT an MD or DO, but he is a ND as well as a DVM and vet pathologist. He is thoroughly capable of making the claims he has and i personally value his products and efforts in promoting health and not symptom management.

message 21: by Oma (new)

Oma Ferrell-eubanks I have read the book and what he is saying about Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis is true. I have been dealing with this illness for over twenty years. I have had both my knees replaced and I hurt everyday even with the medicines I take. The side effect of the medicines he decribes in the book is true. The rheumatologist will tell you the same thing, it is no cure and they watch for the side effect to try to prevent something else from going wrong. So I have nothing to loose by trying the vitamins and minerals.

message 22: by Karan (new)

Karan Pyle What does dr wall ace have to say About. Ga1 In children is there help ? Especially with the protein

message 23: by Jean (new)

Jean Fritz I have to question one of your premises, John, and that is that "real doctors don't sell their work...." Really? It seems to me that the majority of quack diet plans, often that include massive supplementation, have been written and sold by "real" doctors. Witness the plethora of MDs who show up on PBS during pledge week, advocating their specific remedies for anti-aging, brain health, weight management, etc. I don't blindly believe everything - or even much - of what Dr. Wallach has come up with, but I would hope that you and others use the same skeptical approach to the more recent tomes written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

message 24: by Anna (new)

Anna Shandoz Reading all of the comments it is make me laugh, in the UK, the health care professionals always advise their patients to change their life style first (eat properly, less consumption of alcohol, junk food, or smooking and of course exercise at least 20 minutes per day) then if we all listen to what have been advice you do not need to wasting the money either for the MD not for Dr Wallach product....however integrated with both would be an ideal, I suffer so much with terrible headache in one state I was not able to walk...I took so many tablets and nothing work eventhough pain being suppressed a bit , out of my desperation, I was given youngevity's products (that suppose to eliminate my pain) but it did not work for might work for the pain got terrible worse..I thought I email Dr Wallach direct website to get the information...I done it so many times trying to find out if his team can support me if there is anything they can help me with my problem, as I was really interested to become one of their associate...but no one ever come back to me with the I start to research and read all the pro and the end of the day it is up to the individual..if it is working for them..then let them use it..even placebo on a clinical trial sometime can work wonder...if it does not work (like it did not on me...) then you move on..but what some one said about the Physician only try to make money..I think that is so unjustified, because they have to promise that they are taking this role to help the well being of their patients..that is again its depend on the individual..look at Dr Wallach as well...he is old is he?

message 25: by John (last edited Jul 20, 2015 08:30PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

John Jean wrote: "I have to question one of your premises, John, and that is that "real doctors don't sell their work...." Really? It seems to me that the majority of quack diet plans, often that include massive sup..."

I wanted to reply to your comment because I do consider those "Dcotors" that you mention also a part of quack-science and yes they are also snake oil salesman. I mean just take a look at Dr. Oz. He is highly ridiculed in the actual medical profession.

The only reason a medical Doctor should go on TV is to give medical expertise on a mysterious illness or death. And he/she should do so for free. Doctors are not even needed to chime in on crime scenes or murders. All those doctors you see on TV are bogus. Real doctors have little time for that nonsense because their calendars are booked with patients.

message 26: by Anna (new)

Anna Shandoz I like your statement is true, majority of doctors who are really dedicated to their role..they have little time after seeing their patients. They also have to attend so many more educational event to enhance their knowledge.
Unless they quite ambitious to promote their self for money financial gain, its mean that they have less time to treat/see their patients, look at all the medical professionals who are in the radio/tv/books, they have definately massively interested in financial gain

message 27: by Jcarnell (new)

Jcarnell Troll, or just ignorant, which are you?

message 28: by Jcarnell (new)

Jcarnell For your information Wallach has taken the FDA to court countless times (about 8) and has won every time regarding his claims, you failed to mention that

message 29: by John (new)

John I wish some peoplewho ued the product would chime in on the reviews, I dont know any more now than I did before I read all these reviews.

message 30: by naomi martin (new)

naomi martin You know I went to big medicine doctors because I was feelings bad. Made a list of complaints so we could discuss what test needed to be done to find the problem. He sat there listened to what I said and then said and I quote"Iknow what's wrong with you, depression depression, depression." He NEVER ran the first test. Handed me a prescription and showed me out. NO I did not take it. Did some research on the internet and consulted another doctor, turned out to be Candida yeast overgrowth. Medical field has left helping people and become BIG BUSINESS. They have gone from curing what ails you to treating symptoms so you continue to come see me and I can make a ton of money off you and the insurance company. I'm kinda partial to the following green in my pocket not some doctor. Not all doctors are this way but more than less.

message 31: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Daley Just wondering: If you went to an MD with ANY malady, and told him you were allergic to ALL DRUGS, what could the doctor do for you?

It seemed to me quite some time ago that a visit to the doctor's office was a 'sales job'.

Some time later I realized that it is a rotisserie: Doctor visit to pharmaceutical prescription, to doctor visit, to pharmaceutical to reduce the effects of the first pharmaceutical, to doctors visit for fresh maladies that have occurred since the pharmaceutical, back to the pharmaceutical for a combatant of the pharmaceutical malady, and another to balance the pharmaceutical combinations, back to the doctor...

I have seen so many people who go to the doctor for a single malady, and begin to get sick once the pharmaceuticals begin to take effect, and have the rotisserie experience above.

Meanwhile, if the medical FIELD doesn't have a nutritional basis, then nutrition is not what is needed for health - - as CONFIRMED BY THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY AT LARGE.

To claim that 'doctors' - who have NO NUTRITIONAL degree, can have a good grasp of what MAKES health - is without merit from both an observational standpoint, as well as a scientific one.

If you are making the claim that you have used these supplements for 5 years and only have months to live as a result, THEN you will have an excellent case.

I am fairly certain you haven't made that claim, nor have you refuted the health claims. Your attack was ad-hominem, attacking the author almost exclusively, while brilliantly circumventing the health benefits claimed.


message 32: by Garland (new)

Garland Parks Are YOUR figures up to date? The FDA's credibility is as reliable as Barak Obama's promises to create and balance a budget, and his love for Monsanto $$ is well noted. FDA?? You're joking, right?

message 33: by Steven (new) - added it

Steven Smith Dr. Wallace is both a veterinarian dr.which is hard to come by. I watched marlin Perkins big game hunter when i was a kid and also a licensed medical doctor.

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