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Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold
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Sep 05, 09

bookshelves: fiction, hugo-winner, science-fiction, space-opera, award-winners, read-in-my-40s, loved-it
Recommended to Jon by: Beyond Reality Book Club Series Miles Vorkosigan
Read in June, 2009 , read count: 1

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Reading Progress

05/30/2009 page 1
05/31/2009 page 18
3.72% "Starting chapter two - Cordelia stranded with an injured Debauer and her captor, Aral"
05/31/2009 page 33
6.82% "Starting Chapter 3 - Cordelia becoming beguiled by Aral's kindness."
05/31/2009 page 44
9.09% "Starting chapter four - confession of past personal pain"
05/31/2009 page 60
12.4% "Starting chapter five - Rescued and returned to the General with mutinees in tow"
05/31/2009 page 70
14.46% "Starting chapter six - proposals and revelations"
05/31/2009 page 80
16.53% "Creepy alliterative sentence: 'The seconds spun like spiders down her spine.'"
05/31/2009 page 97
20.04% "Starting Chapter Eight - another timely rescue of the damsel without a dress"
05/31/2009 page 109
22.52% "Starting Chapter Nine - bittersweet reunion"
05/31/2009 page 119
24.59% "Starting chapter ten - did Aral do it to fool Illyan? or out of loyalty to the Emperor?"
05/31/2009 page 139
28.72% "Starting chapter twelve - continued romantic frustration similar to Romeo and Juliet"
05/31/2009 page 167
34.5% "Starting chapter fourteen - "And I didn't vote for him" is quickly becoming the standard Betan one-liner."
05/31/2009 page 183
37.81% "Starting chapter fifteen - cracking the bottle"
06/01/2009 page 205
42.36% "Finished Shards of Honor."
06/02/2009 page 222
45.87% "Finished Chapter One of Barrayar which picks up the story almost upon the heels of the other novel."
06/03/2009 page 259
53.51% "Starting chapter five - failed assassination attempt"
06/04/2009 page 275
56.82% "Starting chapter six - there's more than one type of assassination attempt"
06/04/2009 page 287
59.3% "Starting chapter seven - the rapist as victim"
06/04/2009 page 303
62.6% "Starting chapter eight - defenses against absolute power corrupting absolutely"
06/05/2009 page 315
65.08% "Starting chapter nine - yet another assassination attempt"
06/05/2009 page 326
67.36% "Starting chapter ten - forced abortion if fetus crippled? not going go happen"
06/05/2009 page 340
70.25% "Starting chapter eleven - disinherited and an Imperial assassination attempt"
06/05/2009 page 355
73.35% "Starting chapter twelve - on the run in the backwoods of the Vorkosigan estate"
06/05/2009 page 368
76.03% "Starting chapter thirteen - on the run slight of hand"
06/05/2009 page 380
78.51% "Starting chapter fourteen - diagnosis: postpartum fatigue ... Ha!"
06/05/2009 page 394
81.4% "Starting chapter fifteen - another hostage taken"
06/05/2009 page 407
84.09% "Starting chapter sixteen - a surgical rescue attempt"
06/05/2009 page 421
86.98% "Starting chapter seventeen - sidetracked by natural childbirth in the worst conditions"
06/05/2009 page 431
89.05% "Starting chapter eighteen - matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match"
06/05/2009 page 447
92.36% "Starting chapter nineteen - caught by the trap and executed the escape"
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Michael I would almost recommend you read the first Miles installment before reading this one....

But that's a personal preference.

message 2: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon I have until June 15th (or a few days before) to get these books in my possession. I'm in the book-gathering phase right now. Reading them will come later.

Jamie Collins I read this omnibus first, and I liked the characters so much that I was actually a little disappointed when the story shifted to Miles. But he grew on me quickly, and all of the books are good.

Michael I came to the series wanting to meet and get to know Miles. I like these books and Bujold shows you how to do a prequel well. (Unlike, let's say, George Lucas).

Kelly H. (Maybedog) I thought this was the first one...

I actually liked this one better than some of the later ones. I really like Cordelia.

message 6: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon Just added this book to my BookMooch Inventory -

Happy Mooching!

Jamie Collins Jon, now that you have read these and the first couple of Miles books, are you glad you started with Cordelia's story or would you rather have started straight away with Miles?

message 8: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon I'm glad I started with Cordelia's story. Miles can be a bit much at times. :)

Tatiana Cordelia is the best of these, I think. Miles is fun but a lot more fluffy. Cordelia just has more depth and truth, I think.

message 10: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon And is this her only story? Sad, really, as she's my favorite character so far. :)

Tatiana She figures in the other stories from time to time, but Miles (or occasionally his brother Mark) are always the main characters.

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