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Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
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Feb 11, 2009

hello to whom it may concern
my name is
Peter rock "the maze" treacy campbell
dear reader whomever ya are
the "lighter game" is not a game
the lighter game is a epitaph
taoism is a process of thought, meditation, and the bible it would be the same as "faith without works is dead" again think,meditate,action, contemplation,repeat,refine,breath,teach,learn,observe,
practice,practice,practice.action.meditate smile and stay situationally all times know who you are. what ya are.. where ya are... and expect surprises....on feb 11 2009 i walked into a bank the regions on eau gallie and beach side! I go into this bank all the time to get a coffee out of the coffee dispenser ...nothin wrong with a free espresso besides i have an account at "regions bank" along with three other banks :) .... any way
i waz walkin out of regions and i picked up a business card. i also read the sign on the table that says i am on camera when i get my free coffee :) I know that i am on like twenty cameras every time i walk into a bank...a wallmart or any hajimart. so fuckin what?
any way..
i see this business card and this is what it reads i swear
RR Richard L. Randall jr

RR handyman services

renovate phone 321-507-6564
we work for god e-mail
i swear i have the freakin real card in my pocket well me and my friends work for cash. me my friends work for pay. me and my family work for compensation. me and my crew work for profit. me and my people my tribe work for money. we work for cash and not "johnny cash" mind ya....
i have no idea who Richard L. Randall Jr. is but wow what an arrogant man.........
i just got done talking to father page sorry monseniur page this morning and thanked him for visiting my mother in the hospital after her recent father page i am sorry monseniur page he got a pay raise and a promotion works for god. father page works for god....richard l. randall jr. A rabbi, A monk, A cleric, a priest, or a nun they work for god Richard l. Randall jr. god i would love to look at your I.R.S. records...any way
my fortune cookie today from number one chinese said "make big plans" well 2.11.09 i have this response to my fortune cookie "if ya wanna make god laugh tell your plans...if ya wanna make me laugh tell me what you want me to do for you without paying me atleast minimum wage...if ya wanna make me cry with laughter tell me you you own a company but also on your business card it says (we work for god)"
the word for ?radish in chinese (ho'ng) (luo') (bo)?
my fortune cookie works for god i will take a check
or you can pay by credit card assholes i am a mercenary.
peter rock "sleeper" treacy campbell
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