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Little Dead Man by Jake Bible
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Feb 03, 2014

really liked it
bookshelves: horror, zombies
Recommended to Cory by: Jake Bible
Recommended for: zombie-lovers that love action-packed stories
Read from November 14 to 20, 2012

“I’m forced to be insane in this insane world, but by knowing I’m insane it makes me sane.”

Seems legit.

Recently I’m a total sucker for everything that has to do with zombies, so I was very happy to receive “Little Dead Man” from Jake Bible as a review copy.

The reader is immediately thrown into the story, drawn into a world that has ended quite some time ago and which is now populated by zombies, cannibals (ermahgerd that’s quite a brave idea to put cannibals in a story! Hardly ever read about that) and scavengers. Only a few that you would consider ‘normal’ people are left on the planet, trying to survive.

Garret and his family have been hiding away on a mountain, living a rather isolated life not knowing anyone but themselves, surrounded by high fences to keep away the zombies. Garret’s parents are both scientists/docs which simplifies their difficult lives in certain situations, but they obviously have some secrets they’re not telling Garret about.

“He ain’t heavy, he’s your brother…”

What makes their little family especially unique is that one of them actually is a zombie.
Garret and his brother were born as conjoined twins, Garth (the baby brother, called “Little Man”) died in womb due to his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was born as a zombie, still attached to Garret’s back. While Garret grew up normally, Garth remained a baby zombie because, you know, zombies don’t grow up. Their parents tried to separate them several times, but it wasn’t possible without risking Garret’s life. Garth isn’t heavy though and as Garret doesn’t know his life any different they just left Garth there on his back.

As weird as it is to have a little zombie baby attached to your back, Garth is not your ordinary zombie. Turns out he actually is capable of a little bit of thinking and he does have some feelings. He farts a lot too. Plus, having him attached has the nice side effect of them both sharing blood vessels and spinal fluid, making Garret immune to zombie bites.

When one day their home is overrun by zombies, the family has to flee, and Garret/Garth and his mom get separated from the father.

Now they have to survive in the wild and try to get to one of the retreats that are still run by humans and supposedly safe. Of course on their way they get in a lot of zombie-ish trouble. Garret, who never knew there were other people besides zombies out there, suddenly has to develop social skills real quick. He has a hard time trusting anyone and as he is only a 17 year old teenager, his hormones are going haywire and are not of a big help.

Overall this is a fast story full of action. There hardly is any moment to pause and take a breath; the danger is omnipresent and waiting around every corner. I very much enjoyed that and finished the book really quick. Sometimes you just need a fast-paced read, lot of explosions and shootings and not too much romance going on. Awesome.

I liked the strong company between Garret and Garth; blood is thicker than water, even if its zombie infected.

His mom, I didn’t like that much except for a few kickass moments. It was so annoying when after all that happened she still wouldn’t tell Garret anything. I urgently wanted the answers Garret was asking for too, goddammit! xD

The zombies themselves were well described; it wasn’t like they were simply there and running around eating people. The author put a lot of thought in how they are portrayed, defined certain species and described how their dead body ‘works’.

Even if I cannot really put myself in Garret’s shoes as I obviously never experienced a zombie apocalypse, I could identify with him very well and understood his reasons and motives. Sometimes he was a bit too unemotional for my taste, though. There were things happening, were I expected him to show a little bit of sadness or fear or just feelings of some kind. Instead he just went along blowing off zombie heads and shrugged off all the mawkish stuff. Maybe that’s how you act when you just don’t have the time to be all sentimental because a zombie is busy biting your toe or something.

There was some romance stuff going on – how could you possibly avoid that when you have a teenager running around who JUST discovered the advantages of women. ;D
Luckily it wasn’t too much and quite nice. Although, I totally didn’t like Karen. I don’t even know why, but she was mostly just annoying to me. OH, actually one reason might be that STUPID nickname she gave Garret: “3B” (Bubble Book Boy – no comment). I mean, wtf. That’s not even remotely funny and really got on my nerves -_-

Anyway, it was a great book, which I would recommend to all zombie-lovers that love action-packed stories :)

I received this book as a review copy from Jake Bible.

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