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Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine
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Nov 12, 2012

really liked it
Read on November 12, 2012

Is this the end? I kinda felt a little lost at the end of this book. Our delightful heroine Claire Danvers has always gone one step more than anyone to try to save the "victim" of either the vampire or human race. All she wants is peace. Not too much to ask of anyone but a Morganville townsperson. Now that other vampires/draug are defeated, it seems like a good time to rebuild the town and relationships between the humans and the vampires residing in Morganville. But when the Founder/Queen turns it into a Nazi like zone, even the humans are terrifying to be around. They say "No good deed goes unpunished" they could have been speaking of the Glass House residence. Claire, Shane, Eve and even vampires Micheal and Myrnin are now on the 'we want you dead' list of EVERYBODY! If you don't have papers on you at all times, you are fair game for any vamp who want's to hunt you. And even with papers, a vampire would only be fined for killing a protected person. And the target of everyone's wrath are the Glass house kids. I hated that everyone wanted to split up...I realize that they are growing up...maybe Rachel will bring them back together 5 years older and wiser. Although Micheal will NEVER will that work with his human wife, Eve? I still have a lot of questions!
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Cindy Laura wrote: "No its not the end,One more I think and then It might be,she has said many times she could write many more of this story."
Thanks Laura! I kinda got a little frustrated with the way it ended! I realize, in the books, it has only been a short space of time. But that being said, an end to this tale needs much more tying up of loose ends. That fancy "Gun" Claire has going can be such a good thing. In HER hands! If it's going to continue, I have a horrible feeling Oliver is going to follow her!

Candie I just finished the book Cindy and I feel the same way. A little lost.

Cindy Candie wrote: "I just finished the book Cindy and I feel the same way. A little lost."

I know Candie...and Amelie admitted they were going to use Claire's brain for the machine and I just wanted to scream: "Stake her baby"! They owe The Glass House Kids so much. I want Them all to have their HEA. And someone NEEDS to just kill Oliver!!!

Candie I couldn't agree more Cindy!!!!!

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