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A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz
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Jan 01, 13

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Read from December 30, 2012 to January 01, 2013

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Somewhere between 4 to 4.5 stars..

My first steampunk YA novel! YAY!!!!!... I am so excited for this book and oh it's not a disappointment at all..

I enjoyed and liked this book a lot!

The story was taken place in 1903.. and the world was divided between light and shadow.. The light was where the humans live and the shadow was everything supernatural and paranormal.. In the shadow, we saw how Warlock (The Council) was the one who kept the world of light and shadow in balance with the help of powerful Oracle/Phytia/Cybele (a powerful psychic based on Greek mythology) which at the time the story began was kinda in the absence of her (it's always a her) and currently was occupied by a substitute Oracle, because the real one was killed and they have to wait for the next generation for the real one to come again. Moreover, in the Shadow world, there were also Nightwalkers who had a pack with Alchemists. The Nightwalkers could not walk in the daylight, so they made the Alchemists as their daylight keeper which in other words kind of like a servant. There were also fairies, changelings, and ghosts.

Soooooo... the story was begun with the Heroine named Elle (Eleanor Chance) in Paris. She was a pilot which at the time was kinda odd for a girl. Long story short, she was to take a package from Paris to England which where lots of things started to happen. The package was kinda stolen by some or two strangers. And then the adventure began! hehehe.. that was my favorite along with a certain warlock companion!

Oh okay, let see what I really like.. The story development was really sucked me in! I loved how the story kinda took me along with it.. I always loved when the story moved from city to city, very adventurous! from Paris to Oxford then to Venice then to Austria and lastly to Constantinople/Istanbul! Maybe because I never read any paranormal/supernatural steampunk YA novel before so I was kinda enchanted by the description of the world. oooh...

There was a downfall moment at some earlier chapters, but then somehow as the story progressed, it picked up again and I forgot what the downfall was all about.. hmm.. oh I think it was something about the character consistency.. but like I mentioned earlier, as I read more chapters, I was enthralled by the writing and forgot all about it.. hehe

Characters.. Like the heroine, Elle.. and I also like, Hugh Marsh, the warlock.. hahaha.. I just like their interaction and chemistry.. Okay, so there was romance involved between these two.. ;)

I feel like smiling, sure that this book is not perfect or amazing at some point.. But I just can't help to like this book.. There was this quality that made me forgive and forget all small problems that it had..

and the ending! oh God! The last chapter! and then then the epilogue! OH SO GONNA READ THE SEQUEL! I need to know what will happen again after all of these that happened in the first book.. *I am really restraining myself from blabbing spoilers here..*

Well, if you guys are going to read it, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do..
Approved! Thanks Random House and NetGalley..
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12/29/2012 page 41
11.0% "my first steampunk read (I think).. xp so far so good!"
12/30/2012 page 90
25.0% "a bit confusing, but I like it.. hehe.."
12/30/2012 page 120
34.0% "aaaah...... the downfall of the book.. there's problem with the characters consistency and the story dev.. too bad.. I should be able to finish this tomorrow hopefully.."
12/31/2012 page 163
46.0% "there's smth abt this book that I like.. now I am not so sure I can finish this book today.. I hv party to prepare for tonight's new year.. well.. I'll try.."
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