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Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine
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Aug 28, 13

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Read in November, 2012, read count: 2

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Rachel Caine is an absolute genius. Her writing is beautiful; her story mesmerizing; and her characters are flawless in a very imperfect kind of way. I was a little wary going into this book, due to the fact that it is the thirteenth, and I know thirteen is an unlucky number for some. Thankfully, that is not the case for Caine. I wouldn't say this is her best book yet, but it's extremely good, for several reasons.

Those of you who follow my reviews and have read what I have written about the previous books in this series know that ever since the introduction of multiple character perspectives in Last Breath, I've been yearning for at least one Myrnin-centric chapter. Well boys and girls, brace yourselves, for I finally got my wish! And honestly? I loved them way more than I thought I would. I don't think I truly understood just how crazy that vampire is before being inside his brain, and I love him all the more now that I know he is, in fact, completely insane. Some of the thoughts he has are quite childish in their simplicity, but he also has a few moments of complete lucidity that - quite frankly - scared me. It was an odd experience, and I hope we see more in the next installment.

The second reason this book is great is because Caine never gives her characters a break. There's always new danger, heartbreak, and downright evil happening in the town of Morganville. Normally, this would annoy me, but I think Caine manages to input just enough hope. More than that, she makes you care about her characters, and that's something I truly admire.

However, there is a downside. And as much as I hate it, I have to point it out or fear the wrath of... well, I don't know who. This book is kind of repetitive. Not in itself, but the plot is very similar to what she's done before... the exposure of Morganville and all that that would entail. I can't quite understand why she went down that road again, even though I understand that she's probably running out of unique storylines this far into the series. I don't blame her, but neither do I enjoy the repetition.

Nevertheless, that is the only part of this book I didn't like, and while it seems as though it's a huge part of the book, it's really not. There are half a dozen subplots running at the same time, and they definitely saved this novel. The ending completely broke my heart, and I'm already itching for the next book - I have to see what happens in the romance department next! Bitter Blood left so many things up in the air, and as effective as her cliffhangers are, I wish - just once - she wouldn't use one that completely shatters my soul.

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