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Kept by Shawntelle Madison
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Nov 12, 2012

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Allow me to introduce you to the world of Shawntelle Madison.. Let me tell you just from reading this book I know I seriously want to meet this woman. I mean seriously, who would even think to create a story about a werewolf with OCD? and who goes to group therapy? Just the concept cracks my up.. and Ms Madison follows through.

Kept is actually the second book in this series the first being coveted that I have not read yet. I know all my OCD buttons have been seriously pushed lately. All these arcs of second or even third books in a series.. I have had to go back an re read some books in other series just to stay grounded *grins*.

There are two aspects of this book that made it difficult at times for me to read.. first off, there is a lot of back story that is important in this book. Yes you can read Kept as a stand alone but seriously I don't suggest it. What happens in Coveted is important.
Secondly, this book is written in first person. I have always had a personal issue with that particular style of writing.. no reason it's just harder for me to fall into,

This book takes place in a small town in New Jersey where our heroine Natalya Stravinsky, a brilliant, quirky, neurotic, individual has been welcomed back into her family but is getting ready to re apply for membership in her pack. She is less than sure of what she is doing or if she will even succeed. This girl/wolf has serious insecurity issues. Everyone even family accepts that she is just odd and has no self control. But what's a girl to do? The love of her life has agreed to marry an ubber bitch for the sake of the pack. Her father is missing and her brother is soon to be an new father.. oh yeah and her aunt treats her like she has parvo.

Thorn the love of her life, unwilling to let go even though he knows what is best for the pack. When he finds out she needs to train for her trials, he is there. When Alexis (her brother) and Nat go off to find their missing father, Thorn is there to help as best he can. Thorn is the golden boy who is willing to sacrifice all for pack.. but even he has secrets.

Alexis, Nat's younger brother... previously referred to as a man-whore.. but as it happens he fell in love, knocked up a nymph, got married and is now a doting dad to be.

Nick, Nat's best friend.. The man she is trying to move on with. A Wizard of immense powers and one of the members of Nat's Therapy group. Nick of course is madly in love with Nat and will do just about anything for her.

When Nat and Alexis go on a mission to find their missing father.. things just keep going wrong. First Alexis must return immediately due to the arrival of his first child. Then the man holding the blood bond on their father says Nat has to retrieve one object and deliver another. Where she can take Thorn with her to retrieve the object. The rules stipulate that the only werewolf that can participate is Nat. So off she goes.

And the insanity begins.. OCD, germophile Nat is given a Dump Truck to deliver her package. Magically sealed, she has no idea what she is delivering only that she has 14 hours to get it to Maine. No Problem. Well except she can't drive a dump truck, it takes her almost two hours just to get in the filthy truck and oh yeah she is being chased by imps.. Life just keeps getting better and better. Finally, knowing she is all but lost she calls for help and along comes Nick, the wizard, Abby the muse (a being only magical beings can see) and Heidi, the mermaid who is afraid of water... well at least Heidi can drive a truck.

Even after she manages to accomplish her goal. life just sucks.. She is still be harassed by her horrid aunt and the psycho/jealous wanna be alpha female AND she has to get ready for trials.

This book was just a lot of fun. Yes there was an entire serious side but it was all written from the viewpoint of a werewolf in therapy.. Pretty much says it all. Check this series out! I think it is well worth the read


This review is based on the ARC of Kept provided by netgalley and is scheduled for release on November 27, 2012

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