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Roots by Alex Haley
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Aug 14, 07

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Not having read "Roots" is one of my dark literary secrets. I never had to read it in highschool and have planned on reading it for years now, but everytime I go to pick it up I notice a)how thick it is, and b)that there's something else I want to read more.

I deny it in conversation, however, especially when I encourage my students to read it (How many times have YOU told a kids they'll love some book you yourself has never read? Come on, teachers, admit it).

B&N has some big desplay for the upcoming anniversary of its publication. Perhaps I'll use that as an impetus to finally pick this up.

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message 1: by Malbadeen (new)

Malbadeen #1. I think the fact that you read but don't actually play "RPG"s takes you out of the "literary snob" category and places you squarely in the "what the heck" category.
#2.When I first started teaching I heard Jim Trelease speak. He was all hopped up on Harry Potter and thought it necessary for teachers to read it in order to converse intelligently with their students. Pleh! I just couldn't do it. I tried but I couldn't. Then it occured to me that Harry Potter was doing just fine on his own. The last thing he needed was me to promote him. So I started reading the less popular (at our school anyway) Series of Unfortunate Events and promoted the heck out of those...sucessfully I might add (I think Sarah and I read several to our class).
Sooooo if Roots is about to experience an anniversary, I say step back and let everyone else do the talking. Spend your time reading things similiar to Roots so that when it's been read or promoted or poo-pooed by kids you can say "yes, but have you heard of this". Maybe it will be a bridge from one to the other in either direction.
p.s. I had Roots, with that same cover for a super lotta years. Wasn't assigned it in high school either but did steal it from there none the less (for the record I don't do that- the stealing of books- anymore) with great intentions to read it and finaly had a reality check and passed it on after traipsing it back and forth to NJ, Texas and Spain without getting past the first few pages.

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