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Dinner at Deadman's by C.J. West
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Nov 05, 2012

really liked it
Read from November 05 to December 18, 2012

Lorado is a big man ... 320 pounds. He lives with his girlfriend of 17 years, Roxie, and their teenage son, Jake, and his 100 pound dog, Beta. His house, basement and storage unit are filled with junk, which drives Roxie crazy.

One of the ways he makes his living is organizing estate sales for heirs (he gets 30% of all sales). That's what he's doing when the book starts ... Mary Newbury has just died. He also rebuilds and maintains housing for recovering addicts and hires some of of them. One of his hires is Mrs. Newbury's grandson, Newb.

There is a lot going on in this book. When a series of mysterious things happen to him (he gets poisoned, a brick smashes the window of his car, his son gets beat up), Lorado assumes it is the local drug dealer getting even with him for something he didn't do. Plus he's got to deal with local punks breaking into one of the sites he is renovating and stealing his supplies to get money for drugs. And finally he starts to suspect that Newb might have murdered his grandmother for drug money (he was her only beneficiary). There is always something going on and it goes in lots of different directions (but it all makes sense).

This is the first book I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it. I liked the writing style ... it was fast paced and kept me interested. It is a bit sarcastic at times which was fun. The actions and language is mature most of the time.

I'll be looking for other books by this author and I hope that this is the first in the series featuring Lorado and his friends and family.

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