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I Am a Little Fox by Amrei Fechner
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Jan 30, 2009

really liked it
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Read in January, 2009

Karen finds fault with the story. Sure the mother probably just wants some alone time, but the fox in this story isn't just going and looking for his mother, he is also befriending little woodland critters, like the hamster whom he will probably get around to eating at some later point in his life. Basically this book is about networking for a later point in time when the connections he makes in the forest will pay him back by delicious meals. At the point this story takes place he doesn't need to eat the other animals, why? Because mommy fox is out chomping the heads off of chickens and other like critters for him. He can go have fun, eat some berries, go swim with the ducks (who don't really trust him, but after a while they will come around), and make himself look all nice and friendly. Sort of like what you're supposed to do when you're in college, go meet people, do an internship, shake hands smile, and all the while plot for the day when you can exploit the relationships you made, maybe even stab those motherfuckers in the back if it will get you a rung up on the ladder to success.

A good story for kids. It shows that you have to get out there and start making those connections. Mommy won't always be brining back the food for you, and if you stay and just play like your little kit siblings you might just end up in your mid-thirties and working in a bookstore and spending your Friday nights writing long-winded reviews of children books while also discussing your job on a public forum for the whole world to see. So get out there little foxes of the world and network, network, network!!!!
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The Crimson Fucker Wow you got all that out of a 40 pages, kid’s book???

Greg I don't think the book is even forty pages, more like twenty. But yes, there was a lot packed into the subtext of this deceptively simple looking book.

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This review is reminding me of this book:

I was reading it while getting my educational media license, and I thought: I thought Bread and Jam for Frances was about a picky eater. BOY, was I wrong!

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wow, this review is seriously underrated.

karen it's true, but i still think the baby fox in this story id a little prick.

Greg I'm surprised you didn't mention the ghost foxes in your review. I remember you being very concerned with ghost foxes.

I agree this is an underrated gem of mine. I read this just now and I'm amazed at how funny I can be, it's a shame this isn't my usual self.

karen yeah, my review for this is ooooold. golden age old. animals are diiiiiiiirty old.

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