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Everbound by Brodi Ashton
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Jan 29, 13

bookshelves: young-adult, paranormal-uf, 2013, coverly-love
Read from January 23 to 28, 2013

Warning: contains spoilers for the end of Everneath

I've spent most of the last hour browsing the internet and trying to find a gif that fully portrays the shock and outrage I felt at the ending of Everbound. Unfortunately, there appears to be nothing of that extremity currently on tumblr or photobucket. Before the last chapter, I was liking this book well enough - particularly the more action-packed scenes in the Everneath - and I was breezing along thinking "yeah yeah, this is good, that was great, whatever" until Ashton hit me in the face with a great load of DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING. This is definitely better than the first. It is an emotional rollercoaster that has you constantly reevaluating your opinions on the characters and who you want Nikki to end up with.

Everneath finishes where Jack has taken Nikki's place in the Everneath and Everbound is all about Nikki's attempts to rescue him. With Cole's help, Nikki sets off into the Everneath, navigating the dangerous rings of water, wind and fire, in order to save Jack from his imprisonment. The Everneath uses every emotion as a weapon, plays tricks on your mind, makes doubt creep into every plan and tries to (literally) drown you in despair. In order to locate Jack, Nikki must rely on her "tether" to him which is conjured through happy memories of their relationship. Team Jack readers will probably have their hearts ripped out a few times when Nikki relives her time with him because Ashton is excellent at conveying very genuine emotions.

I think the thing I liked most that made me love this book more than the first one is that this is as much an action-packed adventure as it is an angst-filled romance. I really enjoyed Everneath with its new spin on Greek myths but I'm not the biggest fan of romance and cheesiness, in fact, my initial reaction to Everbound was negative when Nikki was pining over Jack (understandable but still boring after a while). So when it became clear that this sequel was about way more than relationship challenges, I was delighted. Though much of it is still linked to Nikki and Jack's relationship, it is also largely about the physical and mental challenges Nikki and Cole face in the Everneath, avoiding firewalls and the zombie-like Wanderers that feed on emotion.

But most of all, the winning factor of this series for me is: complex characters. No one is simply all bad or all good, they have faults and they do bad things but the bad things are not mindless evil either. When Nikki is reminiscing about Jack in the flashbacks here, we see many different sides to his character and Ashton paints an even more vivid picture of who he is and what makes him tick. Similarly with Cole. It would have been very easy to make Cole the bad guy and leave it at that, but he has so many levels to his character and everything he does has a reason for it - whether those reasons are good enough an excuse or not depends on the reader. But, either way, this is an excellent second installment that doesn't suffer from middle book syndrome for a second.

Phew, big big yay for good sequels! Now we just have to wait a whole year for the last book...

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message 1: by Kyle (new) - added it

Kyle I guess I'll have to give this one a try. :) Everneath to me was rather dull, so hopefully this having more action will suit me better.

Emily May I hope this is more to your liking, Kyle. I finished Everneath thinking it was good but I knew it wouldn't appeal to quite a few of my GR friends. Everbound, however, I can more easily recommend :)

Lisa Great review, Emily. The ending was fantastic. I usually see plot twists coming from miles away, but this one blindsided me. It was one of those twists that when you look back it all makes sense too.

Emily May Thanks Lisa! And I know, I love it when that happens. When the twist has you looking back and thinking "oh my god, I should have seen this!" but you didn't :D

Mika Koga Love your review! i loved the book as well! :)

Amira The ending killed me! I was falling for Cole the whole time, and boom! Didn't see that one coming.

Emily May I know, and yet I still can't help but love him :)

Amira Emily wrote: "I know, and yet I still can't help but love him :)"

Exactly! skfjskfjskfsj the feels gosh

drowningmermaid Can anyone tell me if this borrows anymore from mythology? The links to myth seem pretty scant to me (only now starting book 1) and I'd be a little surprised if they still showed up in the second book.

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