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The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
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Jan 27, 2009

did not like it
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Books like this are perfect examples why I generally stay away from fantasy novels; for every Shardik, there's eleven Wheel of Time books. When I read this, I was under the impression that it was part of a trilogy, and I was okay with that. But when I found out there were nine books and counting, I gave up. I figured that Jordan was going to write barely passable fantasy novels until he died. Which is, of course, what happened.

It's not that I'm opposed in principle to reading that many books, but I wasn't all that impressed with the first one. I despise writers who want to create alternate realities, but only get as far as Western medieval pastiches and re-spelling words for familiar objects (for example, Jordan's tobacc (or whatever the hell it was) in place of tobacco). Come on, Jordan! It's just an extra keystroke to add that "o"!

If an author can't manage to invent new concepts, objects, etc., I demand that they at least have the integrity to fall back on clever deviations on The World We Know. Jordan didn't pass that test. Fail. Actually, considering the number of novels in the series, I guess it's an Epic Fail. (Sorry.)

Jordan happened on a lucrative formula by which to generate revenue, without really having to do much more than to cash in a bunch of plot coupons. If Jordan possessed brilliance, it was probably reflected in the realization that if you cobble together a world from the works of authors long dead, your cut-and-paste Land of Imagination will seem brand new and innovative to readers unfamiliar with the good, old stuff.

Pass on this and instead read The Eye of Argon, which is much more exciting and believable.
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