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Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione
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When I received my copy of Desire Unchained in the mail, I literally stopped, right on my doorstep, and did a dance. Yes, a dance! I know, that sounds so odd and childish, but ever since I read the first novel, Desire Unbound, last year, I've been hungry for more! And believe me when I say that DU delivered on all accounts!

In the first book, we were dropped straight into Ione's world, modern Earth, except for we're not alone. Shapeshifters, Witches, Demons, Vampires, and all sorts of other fantastical characters live in our world. For the most part, humans know about them, but they still don't flaunt themselves. Instead, they stick to the "Underworld's" of the area, tunnels and such below the city or hidden from the humans. The hospital that Shade and his two other brothers founded exist in one such area, hidden from the prying eyes of humans.

While the plot line, the intriguing characters, and the complex story development are a great part of the book, it's not the only part that made my fall in love with the series. It's also the very intense, sometimes graphic, but always satisfying *no pun intended, of course!*, sex. Along with the equally tender romance. Don't get the wrong impression-- it's not ALL about the sex in their relationship, though that part is definitely a big part of it. Personally, I enjoy the more erotic touches like this in my romances, but I know that some do not. If you fall into the later category, I'm sure that you could still enjoy this book, even if you have to flip through a few scenes.

The romance is fantastic, but it's not the only element that sticks out. There's a plot to it, a point besides just watching the H/Hr have hot sex 24/7. The suspense and action makes the reading interesting, not just sexy. I'm anxious for the next book, not only to find out Wraith's fate and story, but also to see what more could happen in this compelling paranormal world that Ione has created. I promise you-- just when you think that you have the story 100% figured out, nothing could possibly surprise you, a new twist in the story pops out, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end. And even then, it will only let you go, but it won't leave you entirely. You'll still find yourself thinking about the story, the characters and the world, anxious to return to it, but upset that you have to wait until the next book to do so.

4.5/5 stars! I can't stop raving about this amazing book! Heck, not just this book, but Ione's entire series! They're sexy, passionate, mysterious, action packed, humorous... I could go on and on! In short, they have everything you could possible ask for in a romance! I can't wait for her future books-- Ione is definitely an automatic author in my book!
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