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Croak by Gina Damico
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Oct 30, 2012

really liked it

Imagine yourself in an environment filled with enemies, no friends, and loving parents who are so scared of you they tie you up before they talk to you about your behavior. Yes that would be horrible, but Lex Bartelby does have some behavioral issues. Her nickname at school is Tyrannosaurus Lex. To remedy her situation and to keep Lex from being kicked out of school her parents decide to send her to see Uncle Mort. She hasn't seen him in years and that's not the worst part, he lives on a farm. When Lex arrives she discovers there is a lot the family doesn't know about Uncle Mort. He has spiked hair, tattoos, rides a motorcycle and is the Grim Reaper. He introduces her to the town of Croak and teaches her the business of being a Grim. Lex is overwhelmed with learning her new job. She never had friends but with the new group of kids just like her, she finds that she is finally fitting in and actually having fun for the first time in years. The downside is that Lex is learning quick that there are a lot of bad elements in the world. The endless deaths of innocents is haunting her dreams. She battles with the horrid scenes and wants to take on the killer herself but it's against the rules. When Lex finds there is another kind of killer, a possible Grim, who isn't following the rules she has to decide if she will put a stop to the madness or take on the cause. Damico has done an excellent job of inviting readers into a world of imagination, that incorporates family, friends and growing pains. The vivid imagery and creepy characters will take readers into a world mixed with fear and laughter.

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