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Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen
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Jan 26, 2009

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Night John is a very simple book which talks about the life of a slave Night John who affects the lives of others in the plantation that he is brought in. Specially the girl Sarny who starts reading and writing because of the affect that Night John has on her. This amazing is about the life of a slave Night John who is owned by Mr. Waller who is a very strict owner and beats his slaves for the most littlest things. This is told form the perspective of a young female slave who is just growing up in the society where she is told that it is a sin to pray, read and write. Night John thinks different because he tells everyone that he was once free and then starts teaching people to read and write. Even though he is severely punished when he is caught, he still keeps trying his best to teach Sarny who understands him most. When the owner cuts one of his toes, Night John flees form the plantation and tells Sarny to wait for him. He sneaks back into the farm at nights and tells people to follow him and they are able to do it because he has a toe missing and the can se his toe prints. He gets his title Night John from the slaves in th farm and he is someone they will never forget.

I will definitely recommend this to everyone who likes to read good stories that have a meaning to them. It is a story of hope and I would defiantly give it two thumbs up. It is an amazing book so please go read it. If anyone wants to read more about Night John then they should definitely read the follow on book to th original book which the life of Sarny.

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