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Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
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Jan 26, 09

did not like it
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The first time I ever read of Gulliver, I was in fifth grade and this was on of the book I read in Pakistan. However, I only read his travel to the Lilliputian and had no idea that he kept on traveling to other weird villages. When I started reading this book, it seemed interesting at first but then the idea of a person going to so many villages and always being the outcast seemed boring. As I was reading the book, it really felt like it was more of a question on where he truly belongs in society. So the book goes as follows, the protagonist which is Lemuel Gulliver' is ship wrecked and ends up in the town of Lilliput where he is gathered by hundreds of little Lilliputians who at first dislike him but eventually start to accept him as a member in society. He keeps traveling to the Brobdignagians where every one is hug and he remains the outcast. He keeps traveling to the towns of Houhynhyns where everyone is massive and the same idea of him being the outcast continues throughout the story. Another twist is that they are all horses which made me just finish the book really quickly because by this time I was really bored. He then goes to his family and probably wishes to travel more in the future.

The question I kept asking myself throughout the book was that why would someone leave their family and go to towns where he is an outcast and probably has the danger of being killed by whoever lives their. Some people might be interested with that idea but I am not. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone because I myself hated the book. The character claims himself to be really smart that he is able to protect himself from others. So I would take this time to say to everyone to not this book. Other than that, I just remembered why I hated 5th grade so much.
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message 1: by Eric (new)

Eric Bruen why would someone leave their family and go to towns where he is an outcast and probably has the danger of being killed by whoever lives their - Why? adventure? Broadening horizons and just to satisfy the part of you that knows there must be more than the boundries of your village or hometown (this was the 18th century when most people probably never left the village they were born in). But I guess if you're so afraid of the outside world and who may live in foreign lands, stay home. I'm glad Gulliver made his travels, we can all learn something from opening our eyes and minds a little

message 2: by David (new)

David Marroquin Dufuk

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