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The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho
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Jan 25, 2009

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Billed as a novel of temptation, it is about a small town and a man who has lost everything (a la Job) who offers the villagers money to murder someone in an attempt to answer the question once and for all, are humans inherently evil or good? about half way through, i stopped to inform the author that no matter what he wrote, i still believed that people were inherently good, and that the majority of us would not commit murder for money.
the struggle was realistic; there are all sorts of reasons to need money, to help others, to save them, etc; but the whole town had to agree. a woman struggled with her role, and did emerge a hero as she reasoned with the townspeople. there was a powerful chapter about how terror drives many people; even if they look calm and peaceful, there is something terrorizing them: fear of being alone, fear of what people would think, fear of loss, etc. i think there is truth there, and i started to think about my fears and whether they are the driving force, but i don’t think so, i tend to use love as my energy. but i can see that we do have a dark and light side, a good and a dark side, an angel and a devil on our shoulders.
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