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Scorch by Gina Damico
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Oct 26, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: kick-butt, insanely-funny, aaaalllllmost-mind-blowing, sisterly-love, soooo-original, still-freaking-out, suckish-ending
Read on October 26, 2012

Have you ever read a book that you cant help but love? A book thats characters are smart mouthed and damaged and strong and so perfectly un-perfect you cant help but fall in love with them over and over again (yes, even the bad guys). A book thats plot is so well thought out, and intricatly woven that it has you biting you nails even though you are wearing nail polish and has you mad at youself that you didnt see "it" coming sooner. A book, so funny that you find yourself smiling stupidly in the middle of math class and laughing out loud at very inoportune moments.A book that makes you cry even if you deny it. A book thats ending rips out your heart and tears it into tiny pieces and just when you think all is lost,a flicker of hope arises.....annnnd... The End! THAT BOOK IS THIS BOOK! (Both this book and this series) My heart is currently outside my body, in a bloody half mended pieces just waiting untill the next book comes out.

You need to read it! And if you dont. If you choose not to read this book because it wont change your life, or isnt on the best sellers list, or just cuz you think the chick on the cover looks like Justin Beiber... Well then its your loss!

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Quotes Natalie Liked

Gina Damico
“Driggs whispered to Lex out of the side of his mouth as they walked, "I never got grounded before you came here."
"You never touched a boob before I came here either."
"Touché." He flashed a goofy grin as Uncle Mort shoved him into his room and slammed the door. "Worth it!”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“you've been back here in my presence for two agonizing hours now, and if we don't properly make out soon, I'm going to hurl myself off the roof.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“Ferbus stared in wonder. "He's like a bag of microwave popcorn."
Driggs finally spoke, his voice equally amazed. "But popcorn tends to stop popping after a couple of minutes. He's...still going.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“Hi, I'm Driggs."
"Damn, boy. You're even cuter up close." Cordy looked him up and down hungrily. "Got any dead brothers in here?"
Lex made a face. "Cordy, ew."
"Doesn't hurt to ask!" She peered at Driggs. "Now tell me, what are your intentions with my sister?"
Driggs became flustered. "Um, I don't know. To love her...and, uh...honor...protect..."
Lex went red. "Driggs, shut up."
"Awkward." Cordy beamed. "Love it."
"We have to go," Driggs said in an unnecessarily loud voice.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“And you're going to help me find it."
"Oh, really?" he replied with a wry grin. "Why's that?"
"Because you promised to love me," she said in a dopey voice. "And, uh...honor me...and protect..."
He snickered. "Shut up, spaz.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“What colour was her scythe?"
"Sadly, I wasn't able to take the time to appreciate its subtle hues as it tore through my skin.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“Hang on," Driggs said as Lex pulled out Bone's note. "She might be right."
Lex gave him a look. "You don't have to sound so shocked about it."
"But it happens so rarely. Like an eclipse.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“Where did you hear that?" he shouted over Driggs' cries of pain from the back seat.
"Driggs told me," she quickly answered.
"Thanks, pumpkin," Driggs groaned. "Love you too.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“Who knows why you kids do any of the crap you do?"
"And who knows why you guys are such assholes?" Lex countered, taking a sip of her soda. "Life is just full of little mysteries, isn't it?”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“You lied to me!"
"You're going to have to be more specific. What did I lie to you about this time?”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“We were just showering," Lex muttered.
"Of course," Uncle Mort said. "Everyone knows how impossible it is to zestfully clean without assistance.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Gina Damico
“Fine!" he relented, giving her a dirty look. "But only if you stay in front."
She rolled her eyes. "My, what chivalry."
"To hell with chivalry. Your idea, you die first.”
Gina Damico, Scorch

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Jenny Bynum Black Words-White Pages I love your review and i have been waiting for a while to get my hands on this book because i loved Croak so much

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