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And Another Thing... by Eoin Colfer
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Oct 26, 12

it was ok
Read in October, 2012

Maybe I was expecting too much when I heard he was a continuation of one of my favorite Science Fiction authors that passed away- Douglas Adams. But when compared to Douglas Adams, I found his story to be tiring because it was so predictable and so difficult to follow. Compared to other authors I don't think he was short in these areas, but compared to Douglas Adams he was.

As an example, the story so logical was able to anticipate what he was going to say about sub ether and that it was basically (view spoiler). With Douglas Adams I felt I was constantly being surprised by something in the story going in an unanticipated direction.

At the same time the story was too complex. I'll accept that level of complexity from a non-fiction works but I don't appreciate in strictly fiction or fantasy. Michael Crichton is one of the few authors I will accept complex fiction because I feel I am learning something by following the story. This book had too many characters with to many inter-twining relations. To alleviate this I've seen some books that have a page or two dedicated to a character list. But then, Douglas Adams was able to avoid over complexity without a written character map.

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