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Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan
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Oct 24, 12

really liked it

This book is everything I wanted it to be and more. Sharp, fast-paced, intricate, and just a little heartbreaking while still incredibly funny. Angels seem to be the new area that the urban fantasy genre is really into exploring, but I think so far this is my favorite take on the subject.

The angels are probably the most accurate portrayal I’ve seen-soldiers. Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe God has an opinion about your soul, but the angels don’t. Not even the fallen ones. And yet at the same time they’re not these deceptively evil entities. Ambitious? Sure. Foolish? Sometimes. Proud? Definitely. But not evil. I think that’s the mistake these types of books tend to make. This book not only avoided that, it completely crushed those expectations I had as a reader.

The heroine is definitely someone worth cheering for. For once it isn’t the “with great power comes great responsibility and a whole lot of control over something you just realized you had” nonsense. In fact for most of the book she has no control over the power she discovers she has. The entire function of the angels is to push her into accepting this power before she is ready for it, and then throwing her into (literally) the depths of hell and expecting her to be a hero.

So naturally she’s sarcastic and bitter throughout the whole book. But as her back story unfurls you find someone so broken and vulnerable, that by the end of the book I found MYSELF proud of the choices she’s made with all she’s fighting against both internally and externally. It’s not often that you find a heroine in a book that you feel made choices you wouldn’t have been strong enough to make, and when I do find them I can’t help but love them.

This book is also refreshing because it’s urban fantasy without the over-sexed element. It’s gritty, brilliantly thought out, and without a doubt written for adults without having to throw in as much sex as possible. Definitely at the top of my list of trilogies I’m excited about the next installment.


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