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The Giver by Lois Lowry
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Jan 22, 2009

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The Giver is definitely appealing to teens. For one, it is appealing for the reader to imagine being Jonas and accepting all of the responsibility that is placed on his shoulders. They will be intrigued to think whether or not they would want to be him or one of the other characters who are oblivious to reality. This is in itself another reason why teens would be drawn to this book, for the fantasy of it. It places the reader in a whole other world that makes the reader ponder our world. There are so many things in life, such as sledding and color, that perhaps the reader takes for granted. At the same time, the teen may wonder if life would perhaps be better without pain, especially the pain caused by other teens when they are mean to each other. While many teens cannot fully understand the misery of war, they do know what it is like to feel left out and sad due to the treatment they receive from their peers. This book shows what the world would be like if such cruel actions were voided. Again, though, they also have to think about whether or not it would be worth giving up a lot of beauty in order to live without the pain.

Developmental Assets: The society in The Giver shows almost all of the external and internal assets, although in reality they may not be acquired in a healthy way. The way the characters develop these assets is not done in a realistic manner. When it comes to Jonas, he shows many of the assets as well; however, as the story goes on he develops these assets on his own terms. The reader may see how the assets of the community are good assets to hold, but they must be acquired on one's own terms.

While the story is not all of that believable (I hope!), the characters are believable for being people who lived in such a society. Jonas really brings believability because he has thoughts that most of the readers would have if placed in a similar situation. He actions are those of which many of us would mirror.

I would promote this book to teens by having them think of all of the beautiful things in life that perhaps we take for granted on a daily basis. I would bring in all of the freedoms we have and our right to life. I would ask them if they would trade in many of the beauties of life in order to get rid of the pain. Once we discussed such ideas, I am sure many would be interested in reading The Giver.

VOYA: 5Q, 4P, M, J, S

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