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Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York by Gail Parent
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Sep 24, 07

Recommended for: People who like to listen to other people's incessant complaining
Read in September, 2007

I'd seen this book floating around for a few years (I mean it came out in the 70s) and everytime I saw it, I thought, "It sort of looks interesting."
What I meant to say was, the cover makes it look interesting- a cute girl (looking like a young Mary Louise Parker) with a MOD design around her, plus the premise of the book is that the book itself is the sucide note of one Sheila Levine, so... it might be a good book. But then the text on the bottom says, "Before Bridget Jones, before Sex and the City , there was another, single, big city girl... the 70s best seller is back!"
I've seen episodes of Sex and the City, and I saw the first Bridget Jones, and while neither was bad, niether were my cup of tea either.
So I was reluctant- and after reading the book, I had reason to be.
Sheila is so complainy. Oh poor Sheila. She can't find a man to marry her. She's overweight, she has a nagging mother. Blah, blah, blah... after about 60 pages of complaining I was ready to put a bullet in my head (too messy). But I wanted to get through it, cause I wanted to see how it ended (and it does pick up in the end). And as far as the suicide goes, well that part was rather abrupt.
Bottom Line: I've got too many of my own problems to read about some fictional character's problems who don't really seem that bad. Gail Parent can write another book about Sheila Levine after Sheila has lost a leg to an alligator attack or something.

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