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A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
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Oct 22, 12

Read in October, 2012

It might have just been that I spent almost a year between this book and the last, but Perfect seemed better than Demon I have a weakness for stories of people in transition, and there was plenty of that here. Harrison has a great talent for sticking Rachel in impossible situations and finding ways for her to get out that seem risky and plausible. I went through most of the book in a night.

I don't like that Rachel is wrong a lot in this book and she gets rescued a little too much for my tastes. I'm fine when she falls prey to her weaknesses, but when she's in a situation that she should have knocked and ends up flat on her ass again it bothers me. The progressive feminist in me also doesn't like that most often she's saved by men. In particular one man who I was taught to dislike in the first book, and who I have a hard time liking now.

For the most part though, the characters and how they react to situations is so pitch perfect these little anxieties don't bother me so much. Harrison is great at setting a scene, a master at both action scenes and the subtle art of dialog action. A possession occurs in an ancillary character at one point and Harrison handles the description of how the character changes both when the possession happens and over time, so well, it's seamless, and as a writer I know it takes a lot of organization and discipline to keep track of that sort of thing.

It's so easy and fun to read Kim Harrison. I wish I could read her more slowly so I wouldn't blow through a book in a day. I read the first book translating it from Spanish, which forced me to go slower with it; so I know Harrison bears up under scrutiny. She handles exposition and descriptions well, embroidering both forms in an entertaining voice.

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