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Maximum Ride, Vol. 1 by James Patterson
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Sep 03, 09

bookshelves: mystery, sci-fi, illustrated
Read in March, 2009

Okay I'm not a usual reader of manga, but since this was Maximum Ride.......Anyway, I hunted it down and bought it. And read it in less then two hours. So yah......

The art in this book is very good. I draw myself so I know what really good or not. And this art is very good. I don't know if the art in this book is the norm or not, but to a newbie to manga, I thought it was good.

They did take out some of the story (ex: when the fell asleep in the cabin on their way to Angel), but overall they did a pretty good job on making it into a manga. The drawings did over dramatized the plot and what they said and did, but I think that's what manga is all about (my friends are big manga readers, so I do know a little about manga). Still is was kind of weird to have things like that.....

Jeb......I didn't imgaine him having a mustache. He looks kind of funny. Not like I thought he looked like.....And Fang.....I didn't imgaine him like they drew him. I always thought he had short hair, with long hair it makes him look kind of emo, if you know what mean.....

Anyway, all was good. Though it was only the first part of the first book (told you it should have been two!). It was good.

Wait, that's not it! Now that I've basically reread the first part of the first book, I now really know how bad the 3rd and 4th books really were compared to the first. The first book kind of had a certain feel, if you know what I mean.....But that's the way it is with most books, the first one is always the best. That's true for this series. I still want to read the 5th book, though.

Okay, NOW that's it. Bye *.*


I sometimes read this over and over again to get inspiration for my story (don't ask) but each time I read it I realize how crapy and cheesy the names are. I know "they named themselves and all" but it's still very cheesy and I couldn't see why James Patterson couldn't come up with some better names.

Another thing that I noticed that there are some lose ends that never get tied up. Like the question, why the Erasers just got Angel before and then all of them later. I just like all lose ends tied up, unless it's for style purposes (ex: The Graveyard Book).

Over all the only reason I keep coming back to this manga is to quickly feel the rush of the action. I like the excitement, what can I say? Oh, and the horrible things they do to Angel at the school. I know it's really mean to say that, but for some reason I like to read it. I guess it's my evil side coming out again....

So that's all I have to say on the matter.....see yah later! -.-

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