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Hidden by P.C. Cast
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Nov 14, 2012

really liked it
Read from October 22 to November 14, 2012

Before I even start I would like to say that I do very much like the H.O.N series and the Cast writers.
With that said I will start with this series as a whole. It was fun to read because of all the "drama" and every possible bad thing that could happen would all happen so suddenly you couldn't help but giggle with excitment. I didn't like the fact that the writers were a little...eh (how should I say this..) simple minded when it came to the main character's. No girl in her right mind(or wrong actually) would do or say half of the things the character Zoey did. And I do understand this a highschool drama like read. I found the group of friends around her a little shallow, one sided and quick to judge rather than being quite and realizing that any wrong move could be the end of thier lives. No normal kid( vampire, human, or..non-human super..eh dead vampire I guess @__@) would be THAT stupid. Now with that said and done now on to the series. THIS IS WAAY TO LONG AND COULD'VE BEEN CONDENSED. Like the books Untamed and Hunted(#4 and #5), that could have been one book. I was shocked after reading all three first books and then reading the next three which was like one HUGE never ending drama streached out bullpoopie(yeah I said bullpoopie) to get knocked out by Burned the thickest book so far in the series. I almost gave up at that point but I had faith the Cast women would reward us for going threw the last three books. And it did! I LOVED Burned and Awakened, even Destined kept me excited. Now Hidden the 10th book is out and I think its ABOUT DAMN TIME!! But with all that said Im hoping this is close to the end because if there are three or four more books with that stupid four letter "THE END FOR NOW..." bull crap and then showing on the next page the release date of the next book coming out NEXT YEAR O___o I SWEAR RIGHT HERE AND NOW THAT I will officially take the book, set it down and MAKE IT BE THE END. PERIOD. I only have so much patience and I much as I like the Cast's I have other books to read...
enough said.

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Ramona Im a little sad that after ALL the "nerd herd" has been though they are STILL bickering like they did in the first book. Im only on chapter eight and Im already annoyed...

Ramona I dont understand how Erin Bates(once friends with Shaunee, a.k.a the "twin") could just flip flop like that and leave all her friends to join a group that tried to kill her friend(Stevie Rae) AND all of them. Like wtf?!? I kinda hope she dies now...so stupid...

Ramona Aww man, I was SO happy when Neferet got some of her own pain. Trying to kill a little old lady, wtf?! But now once AGAIN I have to wait for the next book...coming out NEXT YEAR in the FALL!! X( this some bull!!

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