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Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward
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Jan 22, 2009

really liked it
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Read in April, 2009

More a 3.5/5 stars.
I don't know where Ward is trying to go but this is not a book about Revhenge at all, he just happends to be in the story just like Wrath, John, Tohr and many, many others. What really annoys me is the huge among of labels mentioned all over the story. It starts to become a little bit tacky...

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Jewel I enjoyed reading the book myself but I think it could have been much better. Rehv just didn't get enough focus. I hated that he had to share the spotlight with Wrath/Beth, John Matthew/Xhex because those two couples took up A LOT of pages which could have been dedicated to the relationship development between Rehv and Elehna.

Oriana I couldn't agree more, Jewel! I was really frustrated when I started noticing that Revh and Ehlena didn't get as much attention as the previous couples (maybe except for Phury and Cormia). I wanted to know more about them, their daily life, their feeling for each other... Frankly, I wasn't interested in reading about John and Xhex right now or even Wrath's problems and his relationship with Beth, not so much anyway. It was a good read but I felt cheated...

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Stacie Thank you -- someone else who has the same opinion. I LOVE JR Ward's books but I am also disappointed that there was not more focus on the relationship. I feel that the author is caught between romance/urban fantasy. I just happen to much prefer the romance side of it and that is why I got so hooked on her series in the first place. Now I feel that the series has petered out for me.

Oriana I feel exactly the same, Stacie. She definitely is hesitating between continue the road of paranormal romance or go to urban fantasy land for good. I wouldn't mind this change if she finally made a decision. Either this is Rehv's book or it's just another one continuing the story of the Brotherhood in a more general way. I was expecting so much more about Rehv and, in the end, it feels really rushed. Now I'm scared about what she might write about Tohr...

Jewel I never really cared for the JM/Xhex pairing. It just feels way too staged for me. The truth is, I don't think JM should have a book yet actually so I'm not looking forward to "Lover Mine." No offense to the JM fangirls but the dude's just way too emo and broody for my taste. I'd take Qhuinn anytime. ;)

As for Beth/Wrath, I don't hate them but I don't particularly LOVE them. I just feel like they already had their own novel so it would have been better to just leave them be. Since J.R. Ward loves them so much, she could have made a novella like Z and Bella's in the next companion book. It's just unfair that W/B kept nudging Rehv/Ehlena to the side of the stage when they should have been in the center the whole time.

Regarding Ward being torn between urban fantasy and romance, I agree. I wouldn't mind a really healthy balance between both. Lately, she's just a bit too focused on the urban fantasy side.

But yes, overall, it was still a good read. I especially loved the interaction between the brothers here. And yay for more of the shellans! Man, I really cracked up when Ehlena ended up at V and Jane's side of the penthouse. And I am diggin' Marissa's "Fangs for the Memories" pillow. ;)

Florbela I agree with you girls. I just finished reading this one and I was also a bit disappointed. Until now, I loved all ms. Ward's books but this one made me want more. I think that that is a lot to be explained yet about how Rehv is going to deal with his sympath side and his realtionship with Elehna.

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