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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
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Feb 22, 2009

it was amazing

New Moon
By: Kelly Peterson

I just got done reading Stephanie Meyer’s thrilling sequel to Twilight, New Moon. I think the first one is a little better, but this one is still good.
I CAN’T BELIEVE EDWARD LEFT!!! As you can tell this book is mainly about what Bella’s life is like without Edward. One night Edward wants to take Bella “for a walk.” He takes her just past the tree line by Charlie’s house and says goodbye! (I can’t tell you how he says it because you will have to read that part.) She tries to run after him, but of course can’t keep up because of her clumsiness. She eventually falls, and she just stays there. Charlie ends out having the whole town out looking for her.
Bella’s heart was broken. Whenever she thought of Edward she felt a searing pain inside of her, and she has to hug her knees to her chest so she doesn’t “fall apart.” Bella ends out going into kind of a stupor. She sleeps, eats, and goes to school and work, but that’s it. Usually time fixes things like this, but is doesn’t. Months go by and nothing changes. Charlie gets very worried, and almost ends up sending Bella back to her mom.
Bella starts hanging out with this boy from La Push, a little town about 15 miles from Forks. This boy, Jacob, is always happy so Charlie thought it would be a good for Bella. Strangely, Jacob starts to lift Bella out of her trance. She starts to feel sort of happy when she is with Jacob, like he is her own personal sun. They start hanging out quite often, and Charlie is relieved to see Bella acting halfway normal.
But, just when Bella was starting to act sort of normal again, she can’t get a hold of Jacob. He just isn’t around, and no one except for Billy, Jacob’s dad seems to know why, and he’s not telling anyone. Bella starts to slip into her little stupor again. Charlie thinks that it is all Jacob’s fault because he’s not there for Bella anymore.
So Bella is totally ripped apart by Edward for leaving, and just when she thinks that things might be getting better, Jacob, her little happy bubble, is gone. Will she ever be able to be herself again? Will anyone ever be able to help her? You’ll just have to read the book.

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