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Dark Storm by Christine Feehan
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Oct 19, 12

I had high hopes for a more fascinating story set in the Carpathian world. The rain forest sounds good. We've never had a volcano before. The most powerful hunter that ever lived? Ok, we have that one in many of the books. Are Carpathian males raised to have inflated egos? A dragon is good, as is a human female with a strong connection to the Earth. And dang, we've got a Daratrazanoff as the bad guy!

The females in Riley's line have come to this volcano every five years for the past five hundred, and do a ritual to strengthen the binding that keeps evil contained. And these females must be born there in order to ensure they get the Earth's gift. Riley and her mother are delayed this time and the evil escapes. Riley had never really believed the stories about what and why they were doing what they were until it falls on her shoulders.

Dax had been chasing the incredibly powerful and evil Daratrazanoff for centuries. The vampire had a lifemate, but chose a path of evil at a young age. With Dax' consent, she trapped both the hunter and the vampire in the volcano and it's her line that does the ritual.

The book starts off interesting, but turns into the same ole, same ole once Dax and Riley meet. I just never got excited about their relationship; possibly because she was so accepting from the get go.

The aspect dealing with the volcano was good and I've always liked her books set in the rain forest. Riley's ability is a nice change and it's good to see a human female on the firing line. We do get something unique with the dragon which was interesting. I enjoyed the fact that both Gary and Jubal have large parts in the story. And hmmm, will there be a story on Jubal?

But the fact that we had a Daratrazanoff as the vampire and the only mention of his family is that it's prominent or powerful--I can't recall which word Dax used--was disappointing. We don't get a lot from the vampire's point of view, and after being imprisoned in a volcano for five hundred years, I guess the last thing on his mind was his family. But we never find out if he's a brother to the other five we've met. Is he an uncle or cousin? It's too bad the only thing we really know about him is what Dax tells us. It felt like a missed opportunity.

I enjoyed most of the story due to the different setting and circumstances, but much of the formula is the same and the story has a rushed feeling with a sudden ending. An epilogue would have been nice.

The last ten percent of the book is devoted to information on Carpathian healing chants, the language and grammar.
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