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Salamandastron by Brian Jacques
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Jan 20, 2009

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Read in January, 1994

Okay, so there was the badger, I think, and he had some bloodlust, being a badger, and maybe his family died? And he set off on a great quest to defeat all the vermin overlords of the north? And then some hares showed up and were funny and ate everything and said "Wot" a lot (hares being the generally insatiable comic relief in these novels. Yes, they also speak in cockney), and there was probably a description of a feast that made me hungry and sad that I didn't live in the UK where it is common to eat mushroom pasties and cordial and great blocks of cheese with nuts studded all over them (he always used the word 'studded') and is this good enough Tim? I read this when I was about 10 years old and all of the books just seem to run together, but basically, they're about woodland creatures defeating vermin overlords. The antagonist is always a weasely ferret, or a ferrety weasel, or a pirate stoat with one eye and a wooden leg, or a fox. Tim, although it is probable that you just requested this for laughs, if you are going to read a Redwall book, read "Martin the Warrior" and then read "Redwall."


10 year old me.
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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim Salamandastron? You're just making up books now, aren't you?

I like reading reviews you put on here. So, if you make up a fake book, I demand a more thorough, fake review than this fake rating with no fake words attached.

Ashley Hee! *hugs* I'm rereading "The Long Patrol" right now - they do all run together, but it's one of the ones I can keep straight. My memory of Salamandastron, however, is exactly the same as yours. I liked the badgers, but never reread this one... And my copy's in hardcover, so I'm less inclined to do so in the future.

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