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Madapple by Christina Meldrum
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Jan 19, 2009

it was ok
Read in January, 2009

A disappointing read for me; it came so highly recommended. I was caught up briefly in the beginning, but soon started to think that this was maybe not so different from typical vaguely exploitative (but enjoyable) popular adult fiction--Oprah books, like White Oleander and Midwives. Then it started to get increasingly dry and repetitive; I lost any connection I'd had with the protagonist. I felt like I could see where the story was going, and I wanted to get on with it.

I wish authors would understand that most people aren't as fascinated with an author's pet obsessions as they are; too much information in the mouth of an unlikely character is seldom interesting or believable. For that matter, never did I believe that the research supposedly done by Maren would really have been that of a teenager, especially one who spoke English as a second language, no matter how gifted. I could have believed a shallower understanding, supplemented by information from other sources.

I think the author is a good writer, and I look forward to reading her future books.

(mild spoiler)Medically, I was pretty concerned about the child; I think there was a happily-ever-after implied that I found doubtful, but I don't know whether everyone would read it that way.
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