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Dinner with a Vampire by Abigail Gibbs
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Oct 24, 12

did not like it
Read from October 17 to 24, 2012

I'm not going to bother to put spoiler links in this review, since I'm not even going to recommend this book to anyone.

This book is just plain confusing, annoying and downright silly. You won't be able to read it seriously. I facepalmed myself several times....maybe a million, from how ridiculous the story was.

Where should I start? Okay, simply put, this story follows a girl named Violet Lee, as her world goes crazy when she is kidnapped by a vampire prince when she witnesses a massacre, when really, all of these events are part of a prophecy set out decades ago. 12 heroines will arise and create peace and whatnot. To make matters worse, you don't even get the second half until you get about 200 pages till the end. The first couple of pages is a mess (I should say the whole book...) when a whole bunch of characters get introduced and end up dying. The female protagonist is also whiny and I hated her. If me and her were in the same room, let's say someone is going to lose their head. And no amount of hottness from Kaspar is going to make his antagonist, evil murderer image disappear. I expected consequences, butno, just awhole load of hotness mixed in with hormones and lust and the stupid Violet girl forgave him for his sins and can't even forgive her father for sentencing his mother to death. The only character I liked was Thyme, the little vampire princess, mainly because of her name. All the other characters got my nerve too.

Now, in terms of plot, throughout the whole thing you're going wtf and questioning if the events are even important and why the hell you're still reading it, but there are definite plot holes. Like for one, how the hell did the others know about Joel when Violet never talked or mentioned him? Unless they read it from her mind, but I'm sure she had other things too think about than her ex.

Another thing that pissed me all to hell was the stupid love triangle, and the sex and attempted rape and urgh, so annoying and stupid on the author's part.

She did say the story was written whe she was 15, and from my thoughts, probably right after she read Twilight, but she had it, what I assume, professioanlly edited, yet it still contains typos, unfinished sentences and grammatical errors...from what I can remember. But seriously!


There's so much more shit I coiuld say about this book but I'm trying to figure out why I bothered to waste my time to read it. I will not be reading the sequel...or any of her books, unless they are approved by one of my favourite authors
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10/22/2012 page 457
10/22/2012 page 457
83.0% "I swear....Every time I turn the page, I get this aftertaste of Twilight on crack and helium.

I don't know, it's just REALLY REALLY obvious it was written by a 15 year old (after she read Twilight), and even with the editing it's been through, there is still a lot of typos, plot holes and contradictions..."

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