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Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness
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Oct 16, 2012

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I wish I could give this book more than 3 stars. To be honest it's receiving three only because I it piqued my interest just enough to finish it.

I was so excited to read the second installment to Diana and Matthew's journey after reading The Discovery of Witches a couple of years ago and absolutely adoring the first book!

This book, I found, was too long with too many unnecessary characters. Yes I became aware after reading the book that there is a glossary in the back of the book....but on a Kindle you do not see that glossary or know about it until you reach the end of the book! LOL

The first third of the book I found to be incredibly slow. It involved the 2 main characters sitting around with other members of history simply spending time in a house babbling and arguing over "what to do next?" over and over while the author kept adding in more and more tid bits of history that did not advance the plot or build characters at all. It began to read much like a history text book.

The plot I found disorganized throughout the book, it always felt like there was something that I missed somewhere along the way. It almost felt like rules kept getting changed as the author wrote the book so to suit her needs and the "plot's" needs which left everything choppy and disjointed. I may very well be wrong, but that was the feeling I had while reading.

I also became frustrated with the lack of character growth with Diana and Matthew. There was a few cliched and contrived "profound" moments, but they felt forced and a little bit eye-rolling in a way.

The way things were described became slightly repetitive after awhile, if I have to read "and my witch's third eye opened" again I will cringe lol and I always pictured a literal eyeball opening up in the middle of her forhead...weirdness!! Along with the whole world being draped with embroidery floss and bits of ropes and string, it became more ludicrous than anything else to me. I understand that it was maybe a way to write something different that no one has really written before in regards to vampires/witches/time travel etc, but it came across as more funny than effective. Too many ideas written weakly than focusing on one or two and creating a really strong atmosphere throughout the book.

Sadly overall I was disappointed with the book. It was far too long with too much "extra writing" that did not have anything to do with characters/plot which could have made the book far shorter and faster paced. (I know, I know, please don't throw stones! LOL) it's just my opinion, and only that, I did truly love the first book!

The redeeming character in this book was Phillipe and I do wish he had played a bigger part or that there is some way to re introduce him in the third book. Somehow?
and kudos to the author as it did hold my interest long enough to want to know ultimately what happened and read through to the ending.
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7.0% "not sure if I should go back and re read the first book...I'm having a hard time remebering all the little details...."
15.0% "I was so excited for this book...but so far I'm not really that impressed....when does the story start? all it's been so far is all the characters sitting in one room arguing back and's not looking good, is all I can say."
32.0% "ok so the story is starting to pick up a bit now. Phew! I was getting worried! lol"
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Beth I'm listening to the audiobook and also had no idea there is a glossary.

Kelly Thank you for writing a interesting review clearly explaining the points of why you didn't like the book instead of just rambling with anger about I usually do :-) . I agree with all your points. This book took me a long time to finish b/c I had to walk away from it a few times and take a break. I'm already having a hard time with the 3rd one but we shall see.

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M absolutely agree

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