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Eve of Darkness by S.J. Day
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Jan 18, 2009

really liked it

If you are like me, you probably have noticed the up and coming trend in the romance and urban fantasy genres dealing with religion, especially Christianity. We have already seen this in Meljean Brook’s Guardian series over the past few years. I would say that 2009 is the year of the angel starting with Nalini Singh who touches upon the angel myths in her book, Angels Blood. Jory Strong writes about the Church as a powerful organization in her post- apocalyptic urban fantasy romance, Ghostland. J.R. Ward will have a new paranormal romance series published in the fall about angels. And I cannot fail to mention Dan Brown who has created quite a stir with Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code. These books use the idea of religion as a back drop in their stories.

As one who went to Catholic school from Kindergarten to a Senior in high school and was raised in a very traditional Catholic home, (if I didn’t go to church every Sunday I was told I would burn in hell) I find these books intriguing and have to really give these authors a pat on their back for writing about such an institution that is both controversial and passionate to those who are so very strong with their faith. But I also feel that some of these stories I have read are a bit glossed over so they don’t stir the pot too much. We read about these angels and demons and their on-going quest to be number one. Yes, it is great to read about sexy angels who have a great wing span, but I want an author to venture into deeper waters. I want one who will go straight to the source, which is the bible.

Whether you believe in religion or not, the bible is a great source for reading enjoyment. One author who takes these bible stories and inserts it front and center into her book is S.J. Day. S.J. has written a series about Cain and Abel that also includes parts of the Old and New Testament. She mentions Adam and Eve, Jesus Christ and God in such a way I have never read before in popular fiction other than Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. As I was reading Eve of Darkness, the first book in her Marked series, I felt the urge to want to go back and read the bible. S.J. has done incredible research and has written Eve of Darkness in such a way that is so very commendable. Who would have thought bible studies could be so sexy and engaging?

Eve of Darkness begins six weeks after Evangeline Hollis was marked. Eve was given the Mark of Cain. This mark was given by God to Cain as protection from harm while he wandered the Earth as punishment for killing his brother Abel. And guess who gave Eve the mark? Why Cain’s brother Abel who now goes by Reed Abel. Reed accosts Eve while she is going on a job interview, and before she knows it, she and Reed are going at each other in a parking garage. As Reed gives Eve an incredible orgasm, he gives her this mark that will change her life forever. The main reason Eve has been marked is because Eve is Alec Cain’s one weakness. Ten years ago when Eve was a teenage, she and Alec met and had one small moment in time together. Eve had a passionate one night stand with Alec who took her virginity. He left her the next morning and from that moment on Eve was ruined for all other men. She just didn’t realize by being with Alec she was chosen. Some may think that is was just coincidence, but in God’s eyes, everything is planned. Was it God’s plan that Alec would meet Eve? It is a good probability. The reason? That is still unknown.

Alec left Eve because he knew he couldn’t stay with her. The one thing he was afraid would happen has. Now he has come back ten years later to help her adjust. He will become her mentor and her guide. Eve has become God’s bounty hunter where she must find and take care of the evil creatures called Infernals and keep them in line or send their asses back to Hell where they belong. Eve is very much a newbie but she has incredible powers to help her fight evil. She is better, stronger and faster. Eve even thinks of herself as the Bionic Woman. I guess that would make Alec her Six Million Dollar Man.

At least Eve doesn’t have to face this all alone. She is very much like a worker bee in this new and bigger than life organization she now works for. God is the CEO and President who has archangels working under him much like Vice Presidents and Directors. There are seven archangels who watch the proceedings on Earth and report back to the big guy. The one archangel Eve works under is Raguel Gadara who she originally was supposed to interview with for an interior design position at his real estate corporation. Raguel is responsible for the North American Marks. Reed also works for Raguel and is a bail bondsman who hands out the assignments to the Marks.

You would think Eve would be given some time to adjust, but from the moment she is Marked, she is a target because if the Infernals can kill Eve, they will make Alec suffer. Alec wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Eve. She is his downfall. He will not allow her to die because of him and will remain attached to Eve’s hip regardless of what she wants. Eve’s world has been torn apart and she has no choice but to learn things and fast. Even though Alec is there to help her, Reed is there also. She can only trust Reed as far she can throw him. Alec and Reed have a true brother hate relationship. Reed covets what Alec has and that is Eve. If Reed can steal Eve away from Alec, his revenge will be complete. He is the type of guy that will also spit in Alec’s face while he is doing it. Not only does Eve have to watch her back from being killed, but she is much like a bone that two dogs want. We are talking thousand of years of family drama here and Eve is now caught between the two. The final outcome will be who Eve chooses to be with and if the brothers will try to slay each other so they can be number one in God’s eyes.

S.J. Day’s Eve of Darkness is a rousing tale of good and evil where things are not black and white but very gray. Even the good guys who are the archangels and angels are just as sneaky as the demons and those evil creatures that work for Satan. Everyone is out to be number one. Eve seems to be the only one who doesn’t really care what God wants and if she is worthy of his love. The funny thing is that Eve is Agnostic. How’s that for irony especially since her name is of the first woman God created? Also, Eve has a habit of taking the Lord’s name in vain. Every time she says Jesus or God in such a way, the mark on her arm burns.

I also have to give S.J. kudos by not making Eve a lily white heroine who is all alone in the world to make ends meet. Eve is Japanese and comes from a family that is Southern Baptist. She has a great loving relationship with both her parents who want her settled and happy. And until she was marked she had a life she loved.

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Mistress   ~ ♠ Mistral's Kiss ♠ ~ (Mist) Just finished writing my review for this tonight. I really enjoyed this and didn't expect to. Which is a real testament to S.J. Day's writing.

How'd you feel about the love triangle?

Katie(babs) I thought the love triangle was very well done. I really do think Eve will end up with Cain. I can't wait for the next 2 books!

Mistress   ~ ♠ Mistral's Kiss ♠ ~ (Mist) I thought the love triangle was fab as well. Hmm I'm a true hussy rooting for both. Though whether or not I'll get my poly amorous desires. I'm guessing that Reed and Alex, will set aside their hatred for Eve's sake; and begin at some point to work together. Maybe even end up achieving the dream they both have, but together. Usually I cringe at the thought of pairing, but I can't wait for Eve to be fully trained and on her own, and her connection to the boys growing.

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