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Undercover by Lauren Dane
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Apr 30, 09

Undercover is the first book I have ever read by Lauren Dane, and it defintely won't be my last. This futuristic sci-fi tale is a bit on the kinky side with a great deal of erotic sex. There is no plain vanilla fun in these pages, but a great story filled with S&M and wonderful ménage love between two men and the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Sera Ayers is a lieutenant in the Federation Military Corps, a strong leader and woman not to be messed with. Her past comes back to haunt her in the form of Commander Ash Walker. Sera and Ash had an all consuming love affair ten years ago. Sera and Ash’s relationship was based on much love and respect, for Sera allowed Ash total control over her body and tapped into her inhibitions. Sera loved that Ash could dominate her in the bedroom and loved being his submissive. But things ended very badly between the two. Because Ash comes from a high-ranking family, he had to sacrifice their love because it was expected that he would marry a women who was of the same station as he. All he could offer Sera was a position as his mistress, which is quiet respectable in his circles. Sera told him to shove it and walked out of his life. Both have never forgotten each other and Ash loves her more than ever. He is now divorced and wants Sera back.

Because the third member of Ash’s covert ops team retired, he and his Para-Commander, Brandt Pela, who also happens to be his ex-brother in law and close friend, need someone to fill the empty position. Because Sera is so skilled, she has been assigned to join their team. The Federation’s enemy, the Imperialists, have attacked various outposts and have obtained very classified data. They have tracked the stolen information to a planet called Nondal. Ash, Brandt and Sera must go undercover to Nondal. Sera freaks out because she must go as a concubine to either one of the men since Nondal is very patriarchal and women are seen as play things. Ash assumes Sera will be his concubine, which will enable him to reach into Sera’s heart. Sera is not falling for it and rather be with Brandt. Brandt accepts even though Ash and Sera may still have to be hands on for the sake of the mission.

Ash is hurt that Sera won’t give him a second chance and knows he has a great deal of work cut out for him. He must prove to Sera that there is no other woman for him. And you would think the guy would be jealous because Brandt will be intimate with Sera in ways that only Ash wants to be. But Ash isn’t. Ash and Brandt have a very special relationship where they have enjoyed each other sexually. He feels that it is something very special for Brandt to share Sera with him. Knowing the man he cares for will be with the woman he loves excites him. He only hopes that Sera will welcome two men into pleasuring her, and give pleasure in return.

Sera knows she has no choice when it comes to Ash because if she is only intimate with Brandt and refuses Ash, it could jeopardize their mission. She gives into Brandt, which at first is a bit awkward, but all too soon he breaks through her defenses and from that she welcomes Ash into her bed. Soon these three are not just acting for the sake of their mission, but they genuinely begin to care for one another. Most of the time Sera is riding Brandt into orgasm or Ash is driving into her. And then when both men want to share her at the same time, Sera is so sexed beyond belief that she can hardly move.

But even as Sera has fallen in love with Brandt, and admits to Ash that she still loves him more than her own life, they still have an important job to do. Not only are they being watched and listened to every moment of the day, but the enemy may be closer than they think. Is it just coincidence that Ash’s ex-wife Kira and her husband have arrived on Nondal? Or do they have something more sinister planned?

Undercover is a great sci-fi romp that is heavy on the sex. The action and suspense is more secondary. Brandt, Sera and Ash make a great team. Sera is no TSTL (to stupid to live) heroine and even as she is deeply involved with these two men, she doesn’t let them walk all over her. All three give and take equally, and because of that, the love scenes really work. Sera is able to handle these two men. She says what is on her mind and won’t take any crap from anyone. My favorite character was Brandt because of his loving nature for both Sera and Ash. He is a great guy who shows his love proudly. The way he is with Ash and Sera is really sweet. It took me a bit longer to warm up to Ash. There was just something off about him, as if he wasn’t too well rounded, perhaps a bit too one-dimensional. It may have just been my own personal preference, rather than Lauren’s writing of him. I found Sera to be very believable, and her emotions over Ash’s betrayal came through nicely. I enjoyed Ash more when he was having fun with both Sera and Brandt at the same time, rather than one on one with Sera. But even though I may have a small issue with one of the main characters, I still felt the love story to be very well written. Who would have thought that a woman being shared by two good friends could be so much fun?

Like I said before, the sex scenes are not your typical vanilla ones you may read. There are a great deal of various positions and holes being filled. Even so, Lauren can write some steamy sex that may cross some lines but nothing too uncomfortable for my tastes. There was bondage, sex play and some domination games. Sounds like a great time, right?

Undercover is an easy read for those who enjoy characters who are not afraid of sex exploration in a unique type of setting. Sex in space has been giving a whole new meaning in Undercover with the creative story writing skills of Lauren Dane.
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