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Dec 16, 15

it was ok
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Read from October 15 to 18, 2012

This will probably be my longest review, but there's a lot to cover here.

What I liked:

- The action sequences were written well. The pacing in them was decent and I could visualize what was happening.
- The kiss between two characters (view spoiler) was also written well, and I was happy to see a kiss written as a kiss, and not like orgasmic sex (the kiss scene in Fallen was so over the top that it was ridiculous).
- Some of the twisty twists were decent.

What I didn't like:

- Pretty much everything else. Details follow. Mild cursing and awesome gifs ahead.

Okay. Reviews for this are all over the place. It's very much a love it or hate it book. It's understandable given that this very much reads like Harry Potter fanfiction (I may be incorrect but I think it started as fanfiction). Valentine is so obviously a doppelganger for Voldemort that it's distracting. Plus every time I read about the Mortal Instruments, I thought of the Deathly Hallows.

The story itself, though, had promise. Runes, demon hunting, that's cool. By now I'm so sick of any mention of nephilim that I don't even want to talk about that (thanks Patch!).

I will also give points to Clare for not having teenagers talk like moronic robots. I actually read a book in which someone said "Oh em gee" and it depressed me. Clare gets the same points taken away, though, for the godawful dialogue.

I say godawful because I'd heard so much about the witticisms of these characters. I wasn't expecting Oscar Wilde, but these kids weren't witty. They were goddamn annoying. You can tell when someone is in love with the sound of his/her own voice, and his/her own humor, and it showed here. Plus everyone seemed to have the same humor, and it followed a formula:

Character One: "Simple question."
Character Two: "Oh, that? It's hyberbole, bad simile, weird visual."
Character One: "Oh, you're so saucy!"

Seriously. Between the "shotgun, where? Oh she means where to sit in the car, lol, who's on first?", "looking better in black than blah blah your mom, take my wife, please!", "hahaha better than Isabelle's cooking, am I right? Is this thing on?", I wanted to scream.

It was relentless. Even what could have passed as poignant moments was ruined by this "humor". Oh, you tried to brush away an uncomfortable moment by saying someone's a killer transvestite who molests cats HAHAHA I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. Gods, it was constant.

Also, the infodumping. It was brutal.

As a writer, I can sympathize with needing to get a ton of story out there, but there has GOT to be a better way to do it than sitting the newbie down and answering his/her Q&A for pages and pages.

On to the characters.

Now, Jace is a douchebag, and I say that because this guy is one of the most narcissistic characters I've encountered in fiction, and that's saying something. However, he never physically assaulted Clary, so he gets points for that, because other love interests in YA have certainly done that (hi Patch!).

On to Clary. What a dipshit. She was okay at first, but then her Mary Sueness was brought to blinding levels. She's never used a weapon before, but she's able to throw a dagger right at a monster. Three characters, including the monster she hits, compliment her on it. You could argue that there's something inherent in her that makes her automatically good at this stuff, but I really don't care and that's lazy.

I also really hated her inner monologue. They're fighting vampires - vampires! - and she takes the time to think to herself "THERE ARE NO FAT OR UGLY VAMPIRES it's like an Abercrombie & Fitch ad with the undead all up in here" while this is happening. She's so clueless it's pathetic.

Also, there's the what seems to be obligatory mess of "she doesn't know how beautiful she is" thing. On its own, it could be fine, but here it was this mess of all these guys falling over Clary while she remains oblivious. Give me a break here. Have your character own his/her sexuality and beauty, or don't make them objects of desire. And don't tell me it was her winning personality that won these guys over, because she just kind of stands there until the end, and even then she whined so much I was kind of hoping she'd die.

I'd love to know what was with the weird POV changes. For most of the book I was stuck with Clary, then got a page and a half in Jace's head, then Luke's, which was part of an infodumping so epic it needed a Hans Zimmer score. Seriously, if you infodump like this, my eyes glaze over and my mind clouds.

Now onto more troubling issues.

- Girl on girl hate. Clary goes out of her way to be shitty to Isabelle because she's prettier and knows it. Writers, this needs to STOP. Don't tell me this is how teenage girls think, that's lazy. We don't need to encourage this kind of thought in which pretty/sexy girls are the enemy. Plus how can I root for a female protagonist if she's so insecure that she treats other girls like shit if they dare make her feel inferior? Get some self respect and then call me.

- Demonification of sexuality (but only if it's from other females) The single mother comment made me want to punch this book in the face. It's shitty and low. Can we not emphasize the goodness of a woman by contrasting her with women who aren't exactly like her? Ms. Clare, if you're reading this, I want to know why you felt it was important for us to see how amazing Clary's mother is as opposed to other single mothers who you made out to be skanky. It upset me.

- Ethnicity for the sake of ethnicity. Don't tell me that a couple is of Asian decent or the girl you bumped into was black unless there is a reason for it.

I'm probably forgetting a few things, but that's the gist of it. I won't be reading any more of this series because I can't take anymore of the aforementioned problems.

One great thing - Alec and Magnus Bane. Still not enough to overcome everything else.

Here's something, too. Clary asking if Alec was gay was beyond shitty. I had a gay friend in high school and was constantly asked about him, and it pissed us both off. "What's it to you?" was our common response. Know why? BECAUSE IT'S NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.

Oh, I did not like Clary. She made me think of a Louis C.K. bit - "I hope she gets pushed off a cliff by someone she loves, and she screams all the way down, never accepting it, and then Superman flies in, catches her, flies up, and drops her from FARTHER UP."

So that's my review. Take it or leave it.

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18.0% "How do bare shelves remind her of a nursery rhyme? I feel like I'm missing a reference here." 3 comments
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21.0% "Infodumping again.

I get that there's a lot to go over, but one of the things that bothers me about infodumping is that my short term memory is terrible. I don't want to have to flip back to pages of backstory to be able to understand a future scene."
10/15 page 127
26.0% ""Jocelyn? Can they be talking about my mother?"

Uh, yeah, Clary, I think they are. :/"
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30.0% "Mmm. Cool that a Virgil quote was used, not so cool that it's not translated. Seems kinda pretentious."
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40.0% "Fizzy veins are not okay."
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41.0% ""...his eyes crinkled in that way that boys's eyes crinkled when they really liked you."

This baffles me."
10/16 page 199
41.0% "Backtracked. This pissed me off:

"She wasn't like most single mothers, who trolled PTA meetings for likely-looking dads..."

As the child of a single mother, I am offended." 8 comments
10/16 page 208
42.0% ""She (Isabelle) looked like a moon goddess. Clary hated her."

Oh, fuck you, Clary. So another girl is prettier than you. Get over it. Also, the fact that you and Jace took the time to hit on each other while you were bleeding was just oh so romantic. (sarcasm)

When does Clary get less hateful?" 12 comments
10/16 page 210
43.0% "Isabelle is trying to help you, you rude jackass! Oh...Oh, I don't know...if I can do this...

10/16 page 211
43.0% "Oh HELL no. You did not just ask if Alec was gay. What's it to you?!

Clary, honey, you're a bitch.
10/16 page 226
46.0% "Twist not suprising, but I'm enjoying the focus on Magnus. I also wish this book focused more on Isabelle. I like her." 2 comments
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60.0% "Excitement! I enjoyed that vampire hotel bit...that was interesting! Although yes, Clary had to derp it up with her internal monologue about how there are no fat or ugly vampires. Girl's a dumbass." 1 comment
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63.0% "Jace is annoying.

This is one of those books in which I like the characters I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to like and dislike the characters I'm supposed to root for."
10/17 page 320
65.0% "Ha! Simon makes his announcement, and Clary is all shocked:

While the rest of us are:

Still, it must be hard to love someone who just derps her way through life." 2 comments
10/17 page 324
66.0% "I could write a term paper on this whole "she's beautiful because she doesn't know she's beautiful" thing.

Also, we're hearing from Jace's POV now, just like that, no warning? Odd." 2 comments
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68.0% "Clary and Jace are in love with the sounds of their own voices."
10/17 page 338
69.0% "My reaction to that unnecessary "Shotgun!" joke/pun/thing:

10/17 page 340
70.0% "Oh, sweet Athena, the dialogue in this thing. Why couldn't the characters be mute?"
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71.0% "So Dorothea thinks Jace is hilarious. At least someone does."
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75.0% "Twisty twist. Clare writes action well, I'll give her that."
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Elspeth The only thing I really remember about this book is Jace's witty comment on the widows of their enemies. I really need to reread these now that I know it's a Harry Potter fanfic.

Christina Wilder I didn't care for it myself (wasn't offended, just didn't find it entertaining/funny/worth anything), but it reads like fanfic in general.

Although I've read some pretty outstanding fanfic lately, and I feel like it's an unfair comparison.

Sorry CoB, you're just not doing it for me.

message 3: by Inge (new) - added it

Inge I don't know whether to put this on my 'to read' or 'hell no' list.

Christina Wilder Inge wrote: "I don't know whether to put this on my 'to read' or 'hell no' list."

I'll put up a comprehensive review later today and hopefully that'll help.

message 5: by Inge (new) - added it

Inge Alright. All the mixed reviews confuse me. There's the plagiarism thing but also people like Keertana (whose opinion I highly trust) that gave this five stars, so..

Please insert sexy gifs.

Christina Wilder Inge wrote: "Please insert sexy gifs."

Imma bring it, love.

Howdy YAL Yeah, I found this one to give me mixed feelings as well. A lot of it was cheesy poorly written, but the action scenes were interesting enough and there was the occasional quip of entertaining dialogue. It really is fan fic-y though and I really do like her ID series better.

Llana Inge wrote: "I don't know whether to put this on my 'to read' or 'hell no' list."

Maybe try her other series first. Most people seem to find them better.

message 9: by Inge (new) - added it

Inge Maybe I'll try that, Llana :)

Hilarious review by the way, Christina! :D You get bonus points for using a Billy Madison gif.

This is the 'hell no' shelf for me then.

Christina Wilder Inge wrote: "Maybe I'll try that, Llana :)

Hilarious review by the way, Christina! :D You get bonus points for using a Billy Madison gif.

This is the 'hell no' shelf for me then."

I was so happy to use the Billy Madison gif! And it fit so well.

I groaned out loud at most of their "witticisms". The "baron von whateverstein" was particularly bad.

Llana It's an acquired taste.

message 12: by Libby (new)

Libby I haven't read this book, but you make excellent points, especially about girl on girl hate. I go out of my way to give compliments while I'm out because I think that shit is petty and can't be bothered with it. Where I really swooned, was when you quoted Louis CK. It touched my heart.

Christina Wilder JennyJen wrote: "Louis CK quote."

Christina Wilder Libby wrote: "I haven't read this book, but you make excellent points, especially about girl on girl hate. I go out of my way to give compliments while I'm out because I think that shit is petty and can't be bo..."

Thanks, dude!

Yeah, I'm so over seeing that in any fiction, particularly YA.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm so glad I never read this series. Awesome review. I expect the rabid Jace fangirls to show up any time now.

message 16: by Howdy YAL (last edited Oct 20, 2012 01:32PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Howdy YAL Lyn wrote: "I'm so glad I never read this series. Awesome review. I expect the rabid Jace fangirls to show up any time now."

It will be even worse next year when the movie is released. Honestly, while I liked these books enough I didn't understand their mass popularity. And I will say this after the third book the series goes to shit, at least in my opinion.

Christina Wilder Lyn wrote: "I'm so glad I never read this series. Awesome review. I expect the rabid Jace fangirls to show up any time now."

Ah, let 'em come. I care not.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

YAL Book Briefs wrote: "Lyn wrote: "I'm so glad I never read this series. Awesome review. I expect the rabid Jace fangirls to show up any time now."

It will be even worse next year when the movie is released. Honestly,..."

The movie.....I shutter.

Christina Wilder YAL Book Briefs wrote: "It will be even worse next year when the movie is released."

Just when the Twilight nightmare ended at the box office, another began.

Howdy YAL And there are six books to the TMI series. Only five have been released so far though. I really hope though, for my sanity, that not all of them are made into movies. The fifth book, now that's a real POS. The fourth one isn't great either.

Aspiringauthor hahahaha laughed all the way through ur review.

Zero vi Britannia Christina wrote: " infodumping so epic it needed a Hans Zimmer score..."

I laughed so much the people in the library are staring at me.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

OMG, this is the most accurate review on this book yet. I completely agree.

message 24: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Fantastic review!

message 25: by Andre (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre Nice review. I think Clare added "ethnicity" into it to probably show that they exist. It is true that when you consider white the norm you assume white. However, I still think she handles it extremely poorly. I have no trouble with the Asian couple in the club but with that black guy and Asian girl among the vampires when seconds before that everybody there was pale. As for Magnus... I always thought he came along as unbelievable and pretty drama queen and don't understand why people like him so much. Albeit many people that liked him first, even through all of Clare's other books started to hate him after they started reading the Bane Chronicles. When I read that I thought two words over and over about him:
1) asshole
2) Jace

Josie Weathers i think you may have read too much into this. It's a young adult book not some critically acclaimed or award winning best seller. It's just a story and most of what you're upset about is Clare's figurative language. You did not hate this book you hated Clare's style. Plus, i think she captured a lot of elements, made a dark story lighthearted with a few jokes. But you have to give her props she told a good story and she got away with stealing some things from Harry Potter. Don't hate. Frowns cause wrinkles.

Sarah Josie wrote: "But you have to give her props she told a good story and she got away with stealing some things from Harry Potter."

I find this sentence incredibly disturbing! She gets props for getting away with stealing from HP? I actually quite liked this story (I know, I know, just shoot me now Jenny!) but I was incredibly annoyed when I found out about the whole plagiarism issue. I've left it slide because I don't know the full story but I would NEVER ever give someone kudos for stealing someone else's hard work.

Josie Weathers Sarah wrote: "Josie wrote: "But you have to give her props she told a good story and she got away with stealing some things from Harry Potter."

I find this sentence incredibly disturbing! She gets props for get..."

Sorry, wrote that wrong :)
i gave her props for writing a good story. Then i mentioned she just got away with stealing her ideas. She steals all of her ideas for all her books from other books. I think its gross that she does that. I was just mentioning that she gets away with it. Sorry. Didn't mean to offend just typed it wrong.

Sarah No problem Josie, it's 5:30am here & I've not been to bed yet my brain is a bit frazzled so I could have been partly me reading it wrong! I lost a lot of respect for her as an author when I found out about the plagiarism though!

Josie Weathers Sarah wrote: "No problem Josie, it's 5:30am here & I've not been to bed yet my brain is a bit frazzled so I could have been partly me reading it wrong! I lost a lot of respect for her as an author when I found o..."

same i was so disappointed and her other series the Infernal Devices is taken right out of "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury. I mean she even took Will and Jem's names from the two main characters of Bradbury's book. Also, the Pandemonium Club is taken right off the back cover of the book. I was dumb founded by it. And i'm really upset. At least change the names if you are going to steal the story, right?? haha

well, nice talking to you. I do love the opinions you guys have. :)

message 31: by Andre (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre "Something wicked this way comes" hm? I guess I have to check that book out.

Also even if the stuff did not have so many similiarities with all the popular titles of the last 20 years that its a wonder she never got sued I also often ask myself what this and that actually means. I mean how can a name sound like a goat chewing gravel and what person, aside from an arsonist, thinks of cities burning when seeing a man they consider beautiful? Not to mention that a sentence like as blue as a night sky in hell is a totally nonsensical sentence. Other cases would be the burninng vampire room in Clockwork Prince, I mean there are giant windows, they have superstrength, -speed and -healing, they can turn into bats, rats and dust and yet all these vampires do is trying to squeeze themselves through two doors despite being in lethal danger since they burn to ash in mere seconds? They did not even change into bats or rats to get through the doors, which would make sense since thereby all of them could get through immediately and their smaller size would make them less of a target for the flames and, although unintentionally, later for the Shadowhunters.

Sarah I did't know about the Infernal Devices series being so similar to Something Wicked this Way comes :o( I actually have that series on my to read pile (along with the last couple of books in this series) but I'm feeling less and less inclined to pick them up and read them now.

That really sucks :o(

message 33: by Andre (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre I'll give it a try. I am currently reading about Batavia and it already does not look like Magnus is anywhere close to a person born in the 17th century and growing up there. Which is on the other hand also not surprising since we know next to nothing about his background.

Alicia Yeeeees!! Your review is everything I was thinking about this book and more. I managed to read the second and third books too, but only barely - I liked the twists and the action, as you mentioned, but literally everything else made me roll my eyes. My hubby kept offering to buy me the last few books to read, but my response was always to throw up a little in my mouth. You couldn't pay me enough to finish reading this series... it's just so unoriginal (hello, HP + Twilight!) and the characters are terrible. I do remember noticing the weird racial comments too, like pointing out whether someone they passed on the street was of Asian decent. Why is that a necessary detail? Ugh. A friend of mine is wanting to spend her birthday evening seeing the movie this week, and somehow I got dragged into it... Let's hope I don't walk out!

message 35: by Andre (last edited Sep 08, 2013 09:36PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre Alicia wrote: " I do remember noticing the weird racial comments too, like pointing out whether someone they passed on the street was of Asian decent. Why is that a necessary detail?"
I didn't really mind that, but I did notice that whites were never labelled as white. Also among the hithertho pale vampires there was suddenly a black one, in all three books Raphael was described as brown skinned and in book 4 suddenly with a pallor and the worst is Magnus. Clare actually was surprised when people thought he was white. To which I say: if you describe him as being of Asian descent only once over the course of 5 books and only in the first book mention that as well as his skin-tone, and white people can have naturally golden skin as well, but apart from that only describe him as tall, thin and with straight black hair, you have no justification when people don't get it especially if there is really no other hint whatsoever. Also his "Asianess" cozldn't be as important to her as she claimed since pretty much everyone elsse was described much more often, Jace especially so often that it was nauseating, not to mention that all of her "non-white" characters that are more than extra status are half-whites.

Abida OMG Thank You! For writing this review. I thought I was the only one who thought this book wasn't all that great. I mean it did seem interesting at first but soon, it lost my interest. I also felt that the book related to Harry Potter, and that the characters were lame and didn't fit the book (especially Clary). The love this review soo much!

Maddie I love this series and gave his book 4 stars

Thatwriterbooknerd Ok I want to say something about your "pretty girls the enemy needs to stop." Well Clary is like me. Sorry if your pretty and can't relate. Isabelle if I recall, oh wait of course I remember this is my favorite series, didn't like Clary much either for a similar reason. So I liked the jealousy factor because *spoilers* they overcome it and become a lot better friends. That's how my friendship with my best friend was a bit because we were jealous of each other but learned to get over it. So sorry you can't relate.

message 39: by Andre (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre Where was it ever stated that Isabelle was jealous of Clary?

Thatwriterbooknerd Jace says Isabella wanted to be "delicate" like Clary. And Isabella states that in her inner dialogue. You have to read more of the books to find that out.

message 41: by Andre (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre Excuse me that in that jumbled mess of exposition that Clare throws at us with one plothole after the other I forgot that tiny little bit of the constant "Clary is so great" tirade. I was more interested in how fucking sexist and racist this entire thing is and how little effort Clare seems to spend on making her world plausible.

And that is not Isabelle being jealous of Clary, but throwing at us that Clary is so great and every girl should be like her. Based on everything we saw she put up with a lot by having Clary there, the person who constantly snaps at everybody, hates every girl prettier than her, is a total hypocrite and never learns. The only reason Isabelle acts the way she does is because Clare wants to make Clary look good. It's the same with Tessa and Jess in The Infernal Devices, or Will and Jem in that same series, or Alec and Jace in this one.

Thatwriterbooknerd You think I liked Clary in the first book? I thought she was a wimp who ran into demons and then ran out screaming. I don't know why I kept reading but the book hooked me and so the more you read, the more you understand the characters. Sorry I liked it and you don't. But stop responding if your going to drop f-bombs.

message 43: by Andre (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre I don't drop anything, I say what I think. Plus I never even implied that you liked Clary, that is what you read into my statements. My comments on Clary refer to the entirety of books she is in, including the god-awful Bane Chronicles. I read the books and I understand the characters quite well:
Clary - whiney, self-centered hipocrite who never learns and cares about no one but Jace, sure she and Clare claim to but based on their behavior that is clearly not the case
Jace - arrogant asshole who thinks he is the best of the best, had it allegedly so bad and demands sympathy for it despite never giving any in return except of course for his special love Clary
What I said about these to asses can just as well be applied to Tessa and Will, they are the same two characters anyway.
Next to these four there is also Magnus, a whiney, self-centered, incredibly idiotic and inconsistently written bisexual stereotype who cares about no one but himself
The rest of them are nothing but plotdevices masqueraded as characters, especially Jem.

Thatwriterbooknerd I get everyone likes different types of characters. I like ones who are realistic. I like that Clary rushed into things recklessly because she loves people so much. I like how Jace isn't perfect and doesn't let many people in. I how their flaws effect the story. I don't get your "whinny" statement, but I guess it goes back to Clary and Jace's over caring flaw to those they love. Magnus? Well his mysterious past effects him. I haven't read the Bane chronicles but I will. I have a question I really would like to know the answer to, why do you read these books if you hate them? Why do you waste your time? I get people have different views and you don't like the books, but why do you read them?

message 45: by Andre (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre I gave a word to read her books until City of Heavenly Fire, that is why I read them. I couldn't possibly know back in the days they would only get worse. Especially the Bane Chronicles are full of plotholes, awful writing (and no the coauthors are not to blame for that since TBC 10 was all Clare and it was possibly the worst of the bunch), make no sense whatsoever and made Magnus look so bad (and don't come with this "mysterious past" affecting him, that is only there to push the pity button with readers, Clare did it so often in TBC it got annoying really fast) that even fans of his were starting to get annoyed and/or bored. It also shows that Clare doesn't care one bit about history, respect, equality or diversity.

If you seriously think these characters are realistic, you clearly need a good dose of reality. Plus their flaws don't affect the story. If they would both would have never survived the first 3 books.´Jace would have been dead long before the books even started.
And Clary and Jace don't really care for others, name one instance where that was truly proven that they care about someone else other than themselves and their "love."

Thatwriterbooknerd Let's see, Clary almost got Jace killed a bunch of times when she was trying to save Simon. Jace tried to hand himself over to the Clave so Sebastian would die in CoLS.
Clary didn't know if she was going to kill Jace or not in CoLS when she ran a blade through his chest.
Jace tried to kill Sebastian for Isabelle.

Thatwriterbooknerd I have more important things to do than talk to haters. Plz stop responding Andre.

message 48: by Andre (new) - rated it 1 star

Andre Nope. No one forces you to respond, just in case you didn't notice.
When did Jace ever got "almost killed" because Clary was trying to safe Simon? The Hotel Dumort? Please, where did Jace ever break a sweat? Also truly proven includes also that the plot acknowledges that and doesn't just somehow solve itself through plot convenience. The whole "trying to hand himself over" is therefore also no sacrifice or anything since Clary's selfish behavior didn't let it happen and through plot convenience Jace wasn't even angry. There were no consequnce of this, it was never mentioned again.
The same with the blade through his chest, no consequences. Such things are not proof.
If Jace had killed Sebastian it would have been beneficial for himself as well one way or another. Had he killed him by killing himself it would have counted but not like this.

message 49: by Robin (new) - rated it 1 star

Robin Can I please marry this review?

Natalie This review just...captured pretty much everything about this book.
Okay, there were some things that I liked about it (such as MAGNUS FREAKIN' BANE, the most awesome bisexual cat warlock who ever lived), and to Clare's credit Clary becomes more friendly to Isabelle later on (only to become catty again when she spots another girl making out--consensually--with Jace in the third book...who apparently is a lesbian?). But overall I could never get to "really like" the book overall. Again, though we see all the pain and angst of Jace, he will always be a douche to me too even after seeing him "develop" throughout three books.
And Clary could also be so, so stupid, especially with the twists--once part one declared that her mother was once married to Valentine, I immediately knew what the twist was but she never suspects a goddam thing until the actual "shocking" reveal. Not to mention the part where she's hiding in Luke's house and overhears him telling Valentine's minions that he doesn't know/care about Clary or her mom, and Clary becomes so heartbroken--I was metaphorically banging my head against the wall because HE WASN'T SELLING YOU OUT, HE WAS PROTECTING YOU!! WHAT GOOD WOULD IT DO IF HE TOLD THE TRUTH?! TO THE BAD GUYS?! IT'S NOT HARD TO FIGURE OUT!! (Did I mention that I also like Luke a lot? And Simon sometimes?)
Also, that Louis C.K. quote was hilarious, and there is always a perfect time for Ron Swanson.

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