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Curse of the Ice Dragon by Tara West
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Dec 18, 12

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Read from November 25 to December 18, 2012

Fifteen year old Markus has just saved his village from starvation. Markus has been gifted with the Hunter's Mark since birth, meaning any target he aims for, he hits. But when The Mighty Hunter is caught abusing his gift by the Goddess that gave it to him, his gift quickly turns into a curse: The Hunter's Curse. With each animal that Markus kills, for whatever reason, a loved one too will die. And what's worse, the Goddess, Madhea, has sent her Ice Dragon after him. Markus is on the run, fighting to stay alive, knowing that should he kill the dragon he will kill the one person he loves most. His brother.

Markus knows of only one way to end his curse, to confront the Sky Goddess and beg her forgiveness. To get to her he must scale Ice Mountain, a feat only one man has ever accomplished before. Injured in his attempt, the hunter is rescued by a girl and taken beneath the ice to a hidden village. The Ice People have been hiding here for over 300 years, and are just now seeing a "land dweller" for the first time since. While under care of the girl, Markus learns that the Madhea may not be the benevolent goddess he's heard tales of all his youth, but a vengeful witch out to destroy the Ice People, and now Markus. There is more to Markus's curse than meets the eye, and killing her may be the only way to end his curse and save the Ice People. But will Markus be able to risk his brother's life to do so?


1) This may just be my personal experience, but I found the book a little hard to get into. Granted, I have been very busy these last few weeks, so take this one with a grain of salt. I was surprised actually, seeing as there is actually a lot of drama and action from the start, but I didn't really become too invested until the girl came into the picture. Again, this might just be me since I love me some romance.

2) There were moments where dialogue was a little overpowered by the constant narration. There could be a quick conversation lasting through several pages simply because there were several paragraphs explaining who was doing what or the looks on people's faces or in their eyes (a lot of that, specifically) between very short lines dialogue. I would almost forget what the person just said by the time I got to the other's response. Not that this is a problem all the time. It works well in some cases, especially where we need setting and characters explained. But it could sometimes slow down those intense moments, making me want to just skip ahead a few lines.


1) If you guys have followed my reviews, you know that there are two genres that I love to read and wish I could write,but can't,and that Futuristic and Fantasy. This book is definitely a fantasy. It takes place in a mystical, magical, made up world, Tehra--which suspiciously sounds like the author's first name, just saying. I love the creativity and detail that went into all of this. Fantasy is so hard because it takes so much to create a cohesive world that actually works in the reader's mind. So props to the author for making her world so distinct and for making it all come together. I can't wait to see what more of Tehra she has to show us. Not to mention the concept which was already to interesting to me!

2) Though I'm still not certain that these characters, with all there words like "mayhaps" and "fortitude" would actually use the word "nutsack", I still think she did a great job of keeping the characters in their old-timey sounding dialect without over doing it and making if impossible to read. There's a real art to doing it just right, and this author did it just right for me...nutsacks and all. :D

3) I mentioned that it was a slow start for me, but it definitely picked up later in the novel. I did become invested and read the last half of the story much quicker than the first half. Again, it may have to do with the romance, or it could just be that I have more time on my hands now, but I really got into it!


1) Okay, so by the title alone, you know the next one is going to involve Madhea's sister, the Sea Witch. There's also going to be some perspective shifts considering all the main characters are going to be separated for the next year...unless of course something happens to bring them all together suddenly.
Unfortunately, this is not one of those where there are hints or mysteries from early on that will be revealed later in the series. We know there are more stones, which will need to be found, and that they need to find a new home for the Ice People. That's about it. It's kind of hard making predictions when that's all you're given. So, alas, I can't really make any here. I just hope I can get into it early on and not be able to put it down.

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