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Shift by Jennifer Bradbury
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Feb 02, 2009

Shifting gears isn’t as easy at you’d think. Sometimes the chain catches; other times the incline proves more challenging than anticipated. In Jennifer Bradbury’s psychological mystery, it’s a bit of both, metaphorically speaking.

Best friends Chris and Win embark on a bike trek across the country, from West Virginia to the coast of Washington. At least that’s the plan. They have just graduated from high school and are eager to test themselves and explore the world. That seems to be what Chris is after. Chris sets out on this trek with his father’s blessing; in fact, Chris is pursuing dreams his father wished he had. But what are Win’s motives? Is he really out to share an adventure with a best friend, or is he running/riding away? From what?

Chris gets a sudden flat tire at a critical point in the trip, and when he needs Win the most, Win disappears around the corner. The clues are there, the mystery slowly unfolds, but it is really the relationship between Chris and Win that is the most mysterious and thought-provoking part of this gripping story.
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