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Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey
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Dec 03, 12

Read in October, 2012

Wool Omnibus creates an absorbing dystopian world of oppression and treachery. The inhabitants of this world live underground in a silo, the outside world above ground is hostile and toxic, a world they can only see on video screens. The political climate is almost as poisonous as that outside. Those who voice their unhappiness are sent to cleaning, a death sentence where offenders are sent outside in airtight suits with a limited oxygen supply to clean the sensors which project a view of the outside world onto the video screens on the upper levels. No one sent to clean has ever failed to do so, though no one knows why since nothing is forcing them to, and no one sent to cleaning has ever survived. The population is segregated by occupation, each living on their own levels of the silo. Life inside the silo is governed by a rigid pact which seems to apply to everyone but I.T. I.T. runs by its own rules, allocating supplies, and pulling all the strings behind the scenes.

An intrepid few try to unravel the fabric of secrets and lies before they too are put to cleaning, to find out if there is an inhabitable world beyond the hole they are trapped in.

Hugh Howey weaves a fascinating tale of politics, deceit, loyalty, bravery and love. There is no heavy-handedness to the storytelling. Revelations are woven in masterfully, gems for the reader to find and interpret. If you ever wondered who would replace Bradbury and Heinlein, the answer is Hugh Howey. Much like Stephen King, his masterful storytelling demands your attention. I can’t remember who recommended this book to me, but I would like to thanks them. The story ends with a few open ends leaving room for a sequel, which I hear is in the works. That is a good thing as I was not ready to leave the world of Silo 18.

There is also a movie in the works; Ridley Scott has optioned the movie rights. I hope it does the novel justice. Read the book first.
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