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The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley
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Another book about the Grimms and this one is for children!

Basically, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm had been in more foster homes than a person has fingers. After their parents suddenly disappear, their lives had been about running away from crazy couples who don't take care of them properly. So the agency was overjoyed to find that they actually still have a living relative, who turned out to Granny Relda! Granny Relda seemed to be just as crazy as the couples Sabrina and Daphne had run away from before at first. She actually expected them - well more of Sabrina actually since Daphne accepted it immediately - to believe that fairies exist and that it was their job to take care of fairy-related problems, being the descendants of the Grimm Brothers! Obviously Sabrina didn't take it seriously and planned to escape yet again until she watched a giant take away Granny Relda. It turns out they were real and now it's up to Sabrina and Daphne to save Granny Relda and become proper Grimms!

What ruined the book for me was Sabrina. I could stand the childishness of the whole thing. It's for children after all. But Sabrina. Pissed. Me. Off! All she does was complain, make bad decisions, put the blame on someone else, be useless, and complain.


I could understand why she didn't trust Granny Relda. She had learned from a young age that adults aren't as reliable as someone their age usually think they are. I could also understand why she didn't believe there were such things as fairies and Ever Afters. But I could not stand how she kept on complaining AFTER she found out Granny Relda was the real deal and that there were such things as fairies and Ever Afters. She complained that the way home was long, she complained the food was weird (so what if it was weird? It's food! As long as it's not bad for you and it doesn't taste bad, shut up and eat, you ungrateful... kid!), and that Daphne was being unreasonable about saving Granny Relda when it was her fault in the first place for not listening.

Way to go, Sabrina. And you kept saying that you had to be the strong one for Daphne? For me, she seemed stronger than you.

Sabrina also kept arguing with Puck who had saved her ass and was trusted by Granny Relda in contrast to Jack who almost got them killed with his recklessness and wasn't trusted. Can't she just admit she's wrong?

Apparently not.

The list of what-she-did-wrong goes on. I couldn't help but wish the author could somehow get rid of her and make Daphne the sole heroine. That would have been nice. Oh, and add some estranged, USEFUL cousin so they can be a trio again.

Still, the whole idea of the island and the Ever Afters being stuck there was good and I liked the OTHER characters. So three stars for wonderful setting and plot. Hope the second book will be better.


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