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Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne
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Oct 14, 2012

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bookshelves: young-adult

Set slightly in the future (the only difference from our current way of life seems to be that everyone is connected to a world-internet via "minitabs"). On the way to school, huge hailstones pummel a town, causing accidents, deaths and destruction. In an attempt to avoid this, a bus driver runs the bus into a superstore. A few kids from the high school bus survive and most from the elementary/middle school bus. The driver goes off to get help and the riot doors to the store go down, locking the kids inside alone. The kids learn the cause of the hailstones which was the largest natural disaster ever recorded, which triggered several other major world-wide disasters, followed by containment breaches of bio-weapons at NORAD, etc. The kids work together to survive and battle several emergency situations while trapped.

Personal review: It was a good quick read and interesting, however, I was left unsatisfied with the how the book ended. There wasn't any final resolution. I can only hope that the author intends it as part of a series.

Professional review: I would NOT put this in any school library. I was saddened by this actually as I was hoping it would be a companion book, or even a more modern replacement, for Lord of the Flies. The "popular" kids end up drinking to excess, doing drugs found in the pharmacy, and having sex (including the boy naming the girl's body parts). There is also a 13 year old who dresses provocatively and tries to engage the boys in sex. At one point two adult males enter the store and one of which gives a definite pedophile vibe. He eventually attempts to rape the 13 year old (not described but the scene is set when she is rescued and retells the story). He shoots one of the boys and is shot dead in return.

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