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The Faerie Guardian, Part I by Rachel  Morgan
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Nov 01, 12

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Guardian is a novelette I've been pinning for since the 3rd Writers' Campaign. I was starting to miss the world of Paranormalcy and The Iron Fey. Guardian seemed like the perfect answer and on some level, it was.

Creepy Hollow, the world of the fey and other magical beings, is an interesting setting so far. I look forward to exploring more of it in the later installments. What we learn of Creepy Hollow is explained by Vi to Nate, in great detail, on the way to the human world. For me, it's takes up too many pages, seems a lot like info-dumping, and kind of doesn't make sense. I mean, why tell a human everything about what's supposed to be a secret place? Isn't it a bit pointless when you're going to make them forget the whole experience later? Just give them a brief summary to keep them satisfied and the dangers so they don't get themselves killed. In fact, all Vi need to do was finish the job.

Fine. So maybe she wanted to pass the time (however, that doesn't seem guardian-like because... it just doesn't) and had thought, Oh! Well, he won't remember anything. No harm, no foul. I wish that her reason was put in to clear things up.

I like the side characters, Ryn and Tora. Their personalities and attitudes managed to endear them to me during their one and only moment in Guardian. I completely support Ryn as a love interest. Vi and Ryn have been "frienemies" since childhood and could possibly have a love-hate relationship, which I personally love and have stated before. I'm over with ignorant humans and magical beings together. Now guess how I felt about the romance of Nate and Vi.

Nate looked incredibly dim-witted and always needed someone to take care of him. Even if he is in unknown territory, it's not a desirable trait I would like to read in a character. I admit that the romance was smooth, despite the fact that it advanced all too quickly.

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