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Saiyuki Reload, Volume 9 by Kazuya Minekura
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Jan 16, 2009

it was amazing

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait a whole year to get this like last time. Parts of this I loved and parts I think something got lost in translation or just plain lost. It opens with Hazel’s history and we see him as an orphan boy being raised by a priest specializing in exorcism. For reasons unknown Ukoku shows up and stays with them, both creeping Hazel out and fascinating him at the same time (something that hasn’t come across from the adult Hazel who seemed to like Ukoku which we definitely don’t see here). It’s Ukoku who hurries Hazel on his way to being a demon hunter in spite his foster father’s objections.

After a two page blipvert to tell us Gojyo, Hakkai and Goku are on Sanzo’s trail we come into the present with Sanzo, Gat and Hazel just in time for Ukoku to show up (unchanged from what? 15 years ago or more). This is where the lost in translation part comes in…I don’t really get what Ukoku wants. I really want some motivation for this man since he’s such a key player. Needless to say Sanzo and Ukoku fight (and Sanzo isn’t doing well). Finally I get a little respect for Hazel and his actions here, plus we get some of Gat’s history.

The really interesting thing is Ukoku’s sutra, it more or less unmakes things and that’s what he intends to do with Sanzo, remove him entirely (Oh the fan fiction possibilities in that). The arc does wind up (let me say how impressive Goku is here, not just for his abilities but for his insightful speech) and then we go into…a side story? A really long omake? Either way, it’s over the top and hysterical.

Think back to the days where show wrestling took all comers for prize money. The group ends up in a town fascinated with the hugely muscular physique and find themselves at the butt of every scrawny joke you could think of. Gojyo/Goku want to go for the prize money (three million, who can blame them) but Sanzo doesn’t allow it until someone mistakes him for a slender woman. Naturally they wipe out the competition and have to face each other. How funny is it NO ONE wants to fight Hakkai and one assumes Hakkai/Sanzo planned the outcome. Let’s just say all the fangirls are right in their porny fanfic. Gojyo is hung like a stallion.

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