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All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin
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Jan 01, 2014

it was amazing
Read in May, 2012

All These Things I've Done was AMAZING!!!!!:D
It is now my favourite book! I am soo glad that this is a trilogy!!

All These Things I've Done is about a 16 year old girl named Anya Balanchine, who lives in New York with her family. This book is based in 2083! Chocolate is illegal, paper is hard to find but alcohol can be dranken at any age! Anya comes from a mafia family. Her father and mother are both dead. Her father was very involved with the Balanchine chocolate business. And since he was also a criminal everyone knew who he was. Anya lives with her dying grandmother, Leo, her 19 year old brother and Natty, her 12 year old sister.

This book is filled with action leaving you thinking what will happen next. A major page turner.

Anya's life is going alright until the new DA's son moves to town. With her family on her back and love in the air everything spins out of control. Love, drama, action, violence, and crime a mix of all genres, this book is just the beginning of three!!


Anya: is a girl with a lot on her plate, everything keeps piling up. She has brown curly hair, she's average height, but all of her self needs come last. She puts everyone first. And is never afraid to stand up for what is right!

Leo: is the older brother of Natty and Anya with a complicated life. But he has the gentlest soul of them all. Even though he is 19, he has the intellect of an 8 year old because of what happened in the past. He is so kind, and he is a great brother. He is very tall with black hair and soft blue eyes. (Leo was definetly my favourite character, I'm not sure why but right when he was introduced I loved him!!!<333)

Natty: is the youngest of the Balanchine's. Although, she is twelve she is super smart. She has brown hair. She is so sweet and has awesome advice. And great taste in boys (haha) Natty has a very kind soul as well. She is one who you have to like:)

Nana (Galina): is the father of Anya's dad, Leo senior. Galina is very sick but she stays alive by machines until Anya can be the guardian. She is very knowledgeable and so sweet. Always listen to what Nana says!:)

Scarlet: she is Anya's best friend, she always has been. Scarlet is a typical teenager who has a bubbly personality, she is never in a bad mood. She is always there to listen and help Anya out. She is the best bestfriend ever. She has blonde hair and brown eyes:)

Win: is the DA's son who is introduced in the beginning, Win is your dream guy (<3) He has to deal with his father and play by the law. But he is perfect. He has brown hair and he has a taste in hats!!:)

This book is my all time favourite book!!! IT IS A MUST READ! You won't regret it! Gabrielle zevin is an amazing author!


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